Boddie Procharged Camaro & The 405!!

In this video we have Boddie who is the leader of the california team. Boddie started no prep kings on a slump but slowly his racing program is looking stronger than ever. Boddie entered the big tire class at the palm beach florida no prep event. Boddie drives a procharged camaro nicknamed the money shot. The Money Shot Camaro looked strong with some wheels up in the air passes. But, would it be enough to get around the 405? In the the 405 corner we have Jeff Lutz who always brings the power with his twin turbo gto and Lutz went up against a fellow team mate dominator. Dominator is the type of racer that if you leave your guard down he will make a pass that looks dominating and you sit and wonder, has dominator ever looked that fast before? The answer is yes, he always has been fast and was at palm beach looking for an event win. Check out the action in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Losing interest in NPK all together if I wanted to watch pro mods race I'd go watch pro mods race I want to see street cars actual cars people can afford not these half a million dollar race cars that your average guy can't afford

  2. I have to say, that this is not worthy of my subscription. Where is Big Chief? Doc? The 405 OKC regulars? That is what drew me to watch. The camaraderie, team races against other cities, all that is street racing!!🙏✌✌😎

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