Birdman's New Car Reveal at Dirty South No Prep Race!

In this video we have birdman who is from team texas. Birdman had an accident in his turbo firebird. He totaled the car and looked to be out of racing for a bit. This accident took place this past july but never counting birdman out , he recently finished his new car in record time. The new car is a camaro with a hemi and a extra large turbo. The car is brand new and decided to compete in the dirty south no prep race held at alamo city motorplex in san antonio, texas. The dirty south had some stiff competition with his first opponent would be the always fast dennis the menace. Dennis drives a turbo camaro that boogies down a no prep track and his other opponent was none other than Mike Murillo. Some great racing in this video so check out and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Birdman swingin for the fences now,
    Probly a sub 4 second pass and lifted
    wow that thing is friggin sick and sounds sooooo sexy, love it!!!

  2. my wife's Kia Soul has almost as many Camaro parts as this beast. glad that Birdman is ok after the wreck, love seeing what these guys bring to the track, but thats not a 69 Camaro. never was.

  3. Congrats on the new ride Birdman! Looks badass! Hope you have the wins from this like you did in the old car…with no accident's! That was hard to see, thank God you walked away only having lost your car!

  4. Wow! Birdman and team texas be some bitches to the misfits team capt. He even fixed birdmans car for free and they still don't let him on team texas. Maybe thats why Texas sucks so much and birdman can't beat anybody unless it's the future outlaws. Lmfao!

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