BILLY BUYS HIMSELF A STREET CAR! “Stranger Things” the 1985 Mustang GT

Stranger Things have been happening around here lately for sure. But another Mustang? Yeah… another one. It’s Ford powered too.


  1. like all the stories it looks to me the right front wheel is set way back . sometimes the k frame can be adjusted forward .i wish you lived closer to central illinois . we have a nice little track by havana . putting on a few street car and no prep races . being a old man i can not believe how fast the no prep guys can go.

  2. Bill, please see Billy's video 'What Went Wrong? Tearing Apart The Nova’s 540.' look at reply to my ('Mark Daly) comment , I think he's got a scammer.

  3. Congrats on scoring a clean ass fox body. One of the only downsides to living here in Hawaii is that it's hard to find cars in that good condition because of the salty air since we're in the middle of the ocean

  4. My el camino is the motors 383 smal strokeur chevy + one compressor wieland is just 580 hoseepower the motors is forgé is for the projet one kit nos is ok ho no boys

  5. Somebody needs to put Grandpa Hollywood on official notice. Billy's got a fox body and I know for a fact that it's about to be on like Donkey Kong!!! Can't pick a favorite between those 2 in a race but it's definitely gonna make for some killer content! THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE GREAT VID! #SRC #GEN2GARAGE #OLDMANSGARAGE

  6. Bill would it be possible for you to tell us more about the 750 you put in that car ?
    Jets, squirters and cams please ? Thank you so much to you guys fro the content nice to have feel good family entertainment in this day and age.

  7. Hey Bill. My lady friend checked the local motels and it seems they're quickly filling up. Anyway, she's gonna book one in Columbus tomorrow, and we're heading your way at around 6am on Friday !!! See ya at Trails !! Vickie better be right about the rain chances 🌞

  8. Sorry i dont comment much any more(figure you get enough) but the one thing must be said is….quote mr.Billy…..IM GOING TO JUST LEAVE THIS CAR AS A STREET DRIVER CAR! Both of you have no chance of leaving it alone!he will have some extra go fast on her by end of the month!lol love it!

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