VMP was definitely a rough weekend for us. We’ve been hustling all week to be ready for Maple Grove. Thank you to the VMP Emergency Crew, and Tyler Crossnoe. You guys ROCK!!!

Ryan Martin Fireball Camaro of Discovery Channels Street Outlaws, and Back to Back NPK Champion.

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  1. It is so awesome to see him holding the kid right after they got back to the pit!!!, Ryan is 100% the greatest weather it comes to racing or just in general he kicks ass and takes names all in the middle of making a great family and life!!!!

  2. IM JUST NOW WATCHING THIS. 1:50am Kansas Mountain Time may 5th. SITTING HERE Wifey Lost her marbles last Saturday I been feeling sorry for myself (I know, iknow) but I turned this on a d I swole up inside when I though maybe you got hurt. I LOVE RACING BUT HURTING BECAUSE OF IT. ?
    Anyway I decided to go to fireball merch treat myself and let it help both of us. I don’t know is that weird or what.. ASK CHUCK FOR ME. THANKS.. 🤔🩸👀

  3. I’m not trying to make light of the situation at all guys as you are in my opinion just about the baddest mofo on the NPK and Street Outlaws scene and I’m convinced you are the primary reason Big Quief, I mean Big Chief quit all the shows but I wanna point out the fact that a very similar situation just happened to James, aka Reaper and a lot of people wanna talk shit on him, Red Reaper, his tuner and pretty much entire program, my point is, as tight as your program is and something like this can still happen to you means nobody is immune to, well what happens when you push these cars and parts to the absolute limits round after round. I know you boys will get her turned around and back at the top and other than Murder Nova lol I’m pullin for you. Just as long as Lizzie or Kye don’t win it all.

  4. glad your ok Ryan.. could of been a lot worse but just glad its not to bad brother.. that dash panel if its staying a removable panel maybe run a safety cable on one corner so next time it will sail to the left instead of hitting you.. i thought it was trans tunnel but glad it was just the dash panel mate.. Harvey work your magic brother and make it lovely again 😉 stay safe guys..

  5. Wow she was moving until it lit like a candle rocket, she earned the Fireball tag now… Very glad you are okay Ryan, had to see the slow mo to see the firewall parts flying by your head.. You and your entire group or such a class act, hate to see this happen but I know you will rise up stronger when the smoke settles.

  6. Honesty you kept those motors together way longer than I thought you would after making the switch… keep up the good work!

  7. Glad to see that you are okay. Would there be a way to build a burst panel into the hood and keep all that pressure away from the firewall?

  8. Ryan… wrong kinda fireball brother! Though I will say it was a damn impressive (and scary) one.
    Glad your unhurt and I hope the car isn't too messed up.

  9. Do you think something is telliing you to stop racing haha. Wow, your luck this year is horrible. I am so happy your haven't been hurt. Hoping it can be fixed and you get back to kicking butt.. !!! I think you have an admirer… Mr Justin has been nice to you lately, almost like he wants to be your buddy.. it's cute. If I had to look up to a racer, it would be you. You are the best, and so humble and nice. Stay that way.. and stop blowin up all the cars, we are running out of machinery haha.

  10. They don't get enough shout outs so big shout out to all the safety crews marshalls up and down the u.s and world wide with out yall we can't go racing so love yall ❤️🙌🏽👍🏼

  11. Damn seems like you've had nothing but problems this season hopefully you work the gremlins out and get that Threepeat for THE FIREBALL DYNASTY!!!!

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