"Baddest Of The Bad" Big Tire Cash Days (FT. street outlaws Big Chief, Brian Davis, Derek Travis)

Is this the official kickstart to big tire street racing hmmm. Maybe it is maybe it isn’t but we had a blast filming these guys throw down in Mexico for $4k.

Thank you all for watching 🀘🏽
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  1. I remember watching Jeff in the slow mod when he first started running on the streets and now he's become one of the most badass drivers on the street in the entire country!

  2. I've known Justin for over ten years and I have not seen him so happy and relaxed like this for at least 7 or 8 years ago it's nice to see him back having fun doing what has always been his one true love!

  3. Yep Chucky has earned his stripes he's the real deal and no one can ever take that away from him and he won his first Cash Days and that's a very elite group! Good job Chucky!

  4. Epic , Cash F*CKIN Days , hope to see many more , these are the real Street Outlaws doing just what they do , racing on streets beating the cops away from the spots , staying ahead of them to get it in , good job Brian "Chucky" that car was on a rail and looked awesome

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