All Aboard The Struggle Bus! Recap from NPK Race 3, 4, and 5

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Recap from NPK races 3, 4, and 5 (Maple Grove, New England, and National Trails). Rough start to the season

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  1. Phantom I know you probably won’t see this but that at the end is bullcrap you don’t have to apologize/explain to us. We could give a crap less if you go out first round. Don’t get disheartened, y’all will get it figured out even if y’all don’t we will still be watching. Keep your head up. Occasionally stick the camera in Ayden’s hand and tell him to film funny shit. Ps we are all waiting on next Tuesday

  2. Hey Andrew here out in Indiana, just commenting on when you said we're here through the good and the bad, but it's been mostly bad lately, it doesn't matter, I think I speak for all of you and Phantoms real fans, we love y'all, support y'all no matter what, y'all share your lives, ideas, adventures with us, make us feel like family, I appreciate that, I'm in my 40's but only now have gotten my start in racing and I learn sooo much from y'all, I'm a family man also, love how that comes first, I'ma always be a Murda nova, 187 , Shaun, Phantom fan, for life 👍💪, I was born in OKC, y'all are the best!!!! 405 forever

  3. I could really careless about the drag racing results I enjoy watching shop videos and track preparation. I enjoy watching you guys adventures.

  4. You guys are great and I for one have no issues with you doing the recaps. I have faith y’all will get the racing figured out and win one of the NPK events. Keep pushing!!

  5. Hold your heads up guys can’t win them all it’s coming just keep up your maintenance program going in the right Direction and the wins will come !!!!!!

  6. Shit I liked it man kick ass video good job guys and by the way remember yall are racing the baddest fucken cars in the world so for the people talking shit get your asses out there and give it a try I love what yall are doing the luck will true around

  7. I dont find it hard to be a fan of a Team who works their ass off to fight against other teams who are pampered from deep pockets and sponsor's who feed their teams a dozen mechanics with golden toolboxes. I love being part of the family with a bad ass car and a couple of guys who are top contenders in any race they drive their own cars to. Not just a delivery service with a driver that needs picked up from the airport.. ..

  8. Keep ya heads up yall.. it's race car. Shit gona break.. that's how it goes. Yall know that shit all too well.. love the content an the channel.. no apologies necessary.. I can't wait fer the next video to come out..

  9. Can’t wait to see the bowling green vid drop!! That thing carried the left front what looked to be all the way down on a hell of a pass!! Shawn drove the shit out of it. Awesome time.

  10. Hold your heads up. This is how you learn. Every obstacle is knowledge gained. My moronic opinion is you guys need help. Yes “Dad” looks over the data but you need a Monkey to help out. Phantom you wearing a lot of hats, we know your doing your best. The real OG’s aren’t going anywhere.

  11. Keep pushing guys. Love video love u guys. Everyone encounter’s some trouble. You guys don’t seat around say why would it work. You guys are always busy trying to make the car better. Keep on trying doing better than a lot of other guys…..just saying.

  12. Shawn, please put your Face shield down on your Helmet on a pass ! I have a buddy that never, and his Rossler thm400 decided it should spray 250 degree trans oil all over the interior of the car and it lite up !! 4 months on intensive care for skin grafts is no fun !! but he will never have to worry about bushy eye brows or long eye lashes ! Frank NHRA Tech # 1925

  13. In all honesty if people want to go when your in the dark day you don't need them when the sun is shining, it's not hard for me to stick around. It's all new for you guys and love all the work you put in. Isn't around waiting every week waiting for something new to watch. Some times it longer then others but I still wait

  14. My brother I don't give a c*** what everybody says I don't give a c*** what anybody says I'm 67 years old I still wear flip Flois there a wareflip blocks now it takes a lot to get my heels you know pedicures are gthat girl is a great.

  15. Video falling behind will always happen don’t worry there are ppl out there filming the races regardless of your content I will always watch you view when you post it 👍👍

  16. If you guys do good at NPK I’m stoked for you but if you dont, I couldnt care less. I’ll still watch all those videos to support you guys so I can eventually watch you do what the more entertaining stuff, which has nothing to do with TV shows.

  17. Thank you guy's for putting out this content. I greatly appreciate it. I honestly am surprised that you have the time to put out any content at all with all the stuff you all have going on. It's going to pay off.

  18. Funny when they are riding the cart to look at the lanes both of them have one ear tucked in their hats and the opposite ear of one another is out of their hats. I dont know why i noticed that but almost looks they did it on purpose but i know they didnt lmao im stupid!!
    Great content love watchin yall keep grinding fellas

  19. I watched y’all at beech bend. I was hoping to get to meet both of y’all but wasn’t able to. Seemed like every time I came back there y’all was shooting for the show or busy with the car and I completely understand that is how it work. That is your job. I will always be a fan of y’all no matter how the racing goes. I hope that y’all are able to get a win soon. Thanks for putting out content when y’all can. Can’t wait to see some of the projects y’all are working on get finished. I would like to see the blazer finished also. Good Luck on the next races. I’m a proud member of the Moron Nation.

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