93 DEGREES with the A/C on! E85 testing IN TRAFFIC!

Swamp A$$ season has begun here in Ohio. The heat and humidity is terrible! Can my old Malibu withstand this heat wave on E85? We test the limits of the electric fan and stock radiator! Plus, more progress on Billy’s Nova!


  1. Maybe Jeremy (AKA Oscar ) should have considered a new trash can ? A lot less stressful. 😂😂. Y’all take care in the heat and be safe 👍

  2. Hey Bill, think you could make a metal sign in your merch store that has that saying you always say something about fix it wear it out or do with out, please?

  3. Sure is nice to see Harlie and Kenny back at the shop, glad they were able to take a vacation and enjoy some time with there family! I agree with you Bill, God works in mysterious ways and sure glad that things happened the way they did for you all when you went out to test. I know Billy has put in a lot of time on this car and can’t imagine something catastrophic happening on the first test hit! Hope you all have a great weekend my friend! Much love from Ky!

  4. Oh god my 80lb male pitbull would roll in deer, possum, groundhog whatever creature kept shitting in my field it was horrible. He got skunked twice and killed at least 3 groundhogs but got his ass kicked daily by a female Boston Terrier. Kind of like my life

  5. Bill im glad to see that I’m not the only one to have the problem with the wife and the thermostat 🤣🤣🤣 love the channel and will see u at Cincy street nights this Friday good luck OMG for the win!!!!!!!

  6. You know how fat he is. Oh man I’m a truck driver and when your brother said that I spit my Coke zero all over the inside of my windshield. Damn that was funny

  7. Hey Bill how much clearance do you usually leave from the oil pump to the bottom of the pan? I was just watching Steve Morris's newest video and he uses 3/8's to a 1/2 inch. To little clearance causes cavitation to much sucks the pan dry.

  8. If you watch the new Steve Morris video when he checks Cleetus’s bearing he goes over things and he said a lot of the time you need oil restrictors for the lines for the turbos so you don’t burn/leak oil through the turbos. Might be something to look into.

  9. A 1/4 inch of oil pump pickup to pan clearance is not enough. Supposed to be 3/8 to 1/2. According to Steve Morris latest vid he posted.

  10. Yep high volume pumps no good my tuner here in Aussie land called me up and told me the engine builder put a high volume and high pressure pump on my LS he wouldnt touch the car until we put a stock GM one back on it his machine shop guy confirmed that the amount of People that use those pumps don't actually know until it's too late.

    I also have a 25 percent under drive pulley and apparently that spins the oil pump and water pump faster than normal which is less than ideal

  11. Question for you Billif you see this. I replaced the radiator in my wifes car a few years back, never went over 195 before now with the new radiator it want to run 200-219 im pretty sure i got all the air out and all that so i went to a 165° thermostat and now it stays 190-214 it never fluctuated before i guess thats the part I don’t understand is there a reason it fluctuates so much now? I had a mechanic look at it and he didn’t find anything it killed me to take it to someone but I’m out of ideas. Or am i just worried for nothing

  12. BILL I pray that you read your comments, Please go check out Steve Morris Engine's latest YouTube video. In the video he deals with the same oil pressure issue that yall have with Billy's nova as Cleetus was having the same problem with mullet.

  13. I'll never understand why people think its ok to not have the A/C on… Like I can't just cool down with no A/C, you CAN put on your 3 blankets and stay warm!!! 😁😁

  14. Steve Morris also said in the video he made of cleetus’s big block that you need 3/8-1/2” of clearance between bottom of oil pump and pan. I think by the numbers you said you are around 1/4”….

  15. “So that took care of the groundhog but then something else showed up that smells funny too”🤣
    Also I try to explain the same thing to my wife then the house is 82 inside when I get home

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