4500HP GTR?! 250MPH in 5 Seconds! (Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Debut)

On this episode we bring to you a TRC docu-style video featuring the Street Outlaws NPK debut of Odom Racing’s “The Ceo” GTR. The GTR features a 521ci Screw-Blown Hemi that cranks out north of 4500HP. The car was finished only days before the debut and they put on a heck of a show, Congrats to everyone involved!

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  1. It’s not a gtr… cool car but that’s stupid to even call it a gtr. It’s like a bunch of old muscle car guys trying to make the tuner crowd like them, lol kinda stupid if you ask me.

  2. I'm honestly amazed at how many people in the comments are saying "that's not a GTR".

    Go on other vids and look at all the tube chassis/pro stock/pro mod Camaros, Mustangs, Challengers, and…Henry J's even… and nobody bombs the comments saying "thats not a Camaro" or "Thats not a Mustang".

    What gives? Are that many people butthurt because a fast car was built using an import as a donor or what??

    Watch and LISTEN to the announcers at NHRA events, too. They call FUNNY CARS "Mustangs", "Camaros", etc… for cryin out loud.. and they TRULY share nothing from the cars they're supposed to resemble (they look NOTHING like them). At least this car was built from a GTR that someone actually bought off the dealer, still has the roof, quarters, and some other pieces….and it's still immediately recognizable as a GTR.

    Sure, MOST of the original is gone, but what else would you call it?

  3. With as impressive as this is, it is no gtr. Its a tube chasis car with a v8. It may have a gtr body on it, but thats all that left. You should be saying go mopar!!

  4. The dedication it’s admirable. Creo que todo a que que desea hacer algo en esta vida. Debe creer más que todo. Blissings ✊🏾☀️🤴🏽

  5. This isnt a GTR!!! No it doesnt have a real GTR body on it!! This is BS! Its a tube chassis sheet metal bodied drag car like any other with a Big Supercharged V8. This is as stock as a Toyota Camry Nascar.

  6. Will say nice car…but fk me….this ain't no street car….TV politicians have ruined no prep….the lights are GTR…..it's a pro mod…

  7. Not really a gtr any more lol its a v8 full drag car with a shell that looks like a gtr hahaha amazing car tho 4500hp monster 👾

  8. Best race video I've watched. I'm an NPR Fan! Instant Sub. Quality and story line is better than Discovery, Oh well?! ☝️😎 🤝

  9. Swanstrom? Is that his name? The guy that can't hold his lane and has no problem taking your money for anything but a clean race and has you smiling about it afterwards? That guy?

    Couldn't be me.

  10. It may have GTR shaped panels. But that's where it ends. Of course you could say the whole car is a ProMod shaped object. Its definitely NOT a GTR. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Nice job for the first day of racing. VERY nice car. Listen. tell those assholes if John wants to run it thru the woods or upside down, its his business. Just wanna bees Good luck this year

  12. This stuff will always be awesome to see and my dad is obsessed but I can’t help but like the street racing more. Watching 40 blown V8s with different shells race can only be fun for so long. The street is where it’s at, og body and motor cars fighting it out. Again this is probably my favorite NPR car (i own a 32 gtr so im bias) but it loses some excitement when the only thing different about this car is the body.

  13. I would put a taller gear under car cause your carrying wheels a ways but still breaking loose. And noticed u didn’t cross the finish line far and it ran out of gear quick. Just think it make it easier to tune with taller gear.

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