#312 Why am I in NYC?!? | Hotshot Trucking

Products we use –
Cordless Tools –
M18 Milwaukee Impact Gun –
M18 Milwaukee Grease Gun –
M12 Milwaukee Air Compressor (Bare Tool) –
M18 Extra Batteries-
M12 Extra Batteries-

Battery Booster and Invertors-
NOCO Battery Booster –
3000W Power Invertor-

Load Securement –
Mytee Lasso Wheel Straps (Car Hauler) –
Mytee 4inch Winch Straps –
Mytee 2inch Ratchet Straps –
Mytee Chains and Ratchet Binders –
Heavy Duty Bungee Straps –
Corner Protectors –
Oversize Banners and Flags –

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  1. Looking to get into hot shot trucking was a boilermakers and was hurt on the job and can't return to that type of work I live in westminster m.d. do you think it's a good base to work out of I would like to start work under someone first to learn the business and gain experience. Was just wondering what you think about a guy who has done hard labor work all his life and switching to a driving job if I would be able to do it with one good arm can still use the other are just not that well. Just would like to pick your brain and ask you some questions thanks for your time. Glenn king

  2. One of the worst "Hides" brokers do is not list TWIC. You accept the order only to find your going to wait at the port for hours Paid by the mole not the minutes. The port in Jacksonvolle our home town is not currently accepting INOP. This means it has to go to a holding lot and they are horrible places to get in and out of.

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