Late Model Racecraft | Steve Fereday | Twin Turbo 481X

One of the early adopters of the LS platform is Steve Fereday and his success helped bring his shop, Late Model Racecraft, to national prominence. Over the years his racing program evolved into a high-powered drag radial car, capable of going sub-4 second times and upwards of 200 mph in just an eighth-mile distance. Recently, the Late Model Racecraft made a trip to FuelTech’s facility in Ball Ground, Georgia to tune up its latest combination.

The small-block LS engine is long gone and in its place sits a Pro Line Racing 481X billet engine, which wears a pair of Precision turbochargers. Wheel horsepower exceeds 3,000 and a FuelTech FT600 has been tasked with keeping control of the excessively powerful combination. The FT600 ECU that Fereday employs includes power management functions, which are critical for success in drag radial racing and is a standard feature in all FuelTech engine management systems.

All PowerFT engine management systemsβ€”FT600, FT550, FT550LITE, and FT450β€”also offer so much more than the ability to control power in traction-limited drag racing categories. Those standard features in these ECUs include sequential injection and ignition, O2 closed loop, Data Logger, Delay Box, Boost Controller, and Nitrous Controller! The FT450, FT550, and FT600 ECU units also include LCD display and touchscreen, showing real-time data and allowing the user to make adjustments without a PC connection. Not only does it display the real-time information from the assortment of sensors wired into the system, all PowerFT ECUs are capable of data logging each sensor and eliminates the need for an additional system to be built into the vehicle.

A twin turbocharged 481X running methanol requires a robust ignition system so it is no surprise that Late Model Racecraft turned to the suite of FuelTech products to satisfy their requirements. A set of eight CDI Racing Ignition Coils is charged up by the powerful FTSPARK Gen II ignition. FuelTech released the FTSPARK Gen II over a year ago and it offers a minimum and guaranteed 750mj of energy at 140 amps and has been tested up to 850mj in certain applications. FuelTech tests every unit prior to boxing to ensure each one meets the 750mj minimum guarantee. For those interested, the output is a 25 percent increase over the FTSPARK Gen I and a 12.5 percent increase in amps at the primary coil. All Gen I ignition boxes are upgradable to Gen II and it uses the same enclosure, making the swap easy and quick.

From record-setting LS engines to the sickest drag radial packages, the biggest shops turn to FuelTech for the ultimate in control and that is the reason you’re seeing #FuelTechEverywhere

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