We are absolutely struggling lately. We have 2 injured Race Cars right before the biggest race of the year. Can we make it to Crossville Tennessee for the $250,000 Come Up???


  1. Holy cow you can buy 92 octane for 4 bucks a gallon, Trudeau is really giving us the broom handle in Canada we are paying over 6 bucks a gallon for 87 octane. I don’t even know what premium is I’m scared to look …

  2. The transmission issue in the Malibu is probably something to do with increasing the line pressure orifice in the valve body, or it could be the vacuum module not having not enough vacuum on account of the camshaft doesn’t provide enough vacuum and a vacuum canister is required.
    Although, one generally realizes that when hitting the brakes hard and finding out there is no power brakes due to not enough vacuum.
    I’m sure allot of folks will be falling in love with that G-body especially on a hot summer day noticing the windows up and the AC is cranking full blast.

  3. I'm liking that drone footage adding more spice to your videos I'm curious what drone you picked up I have a mavic air 2 seemed like a middle of the road priced drone I bought to replace my old phantom 3 did I hear you correctly LS Lifters under the head Uggg, I hear the have some lifter issues certain ones but I know nothing about LS Motors, hope yall get it figured out for the money Race 🚦 🔧🚗💪💯🇺🇲 Those aerial shots FTW

  4. I was right with you Bill, got to have Yellowstone new season.
    Thanks for everything you share taking us along for the journey. 💯.. I do love that 55.
    Best of luck to the family at Crossville.

  5. Weasel pig is just the cutest thing, oh I sure wish Miss Vicky could send me a text of a plate of that their breakfast it sure did look good from Sunday morning she looks like a wonderful cook. Maybe we could swap some recipes or Miss Vicky could do a recipe book. SRC Street Racing Breakfast Style.

  6. sorry can no longer follow or subscribe after seeing Molly video and hope many more do the same , sucks loved both your channels but can't support that !!

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