We Have Tough Decisions to Make…Can We Make it to Crossville?!


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  1. NICE VIDEO !!! Very engaging from the beginning to the END.Nevertheless business and investment are the best way to make money irrespective of the pandemic 😷

  2. Yup it’s time to regroup snd make the team that much better. Those cars have had shell of a run this year and just need so love and care. They get tired just like we do. I think you made the right call. Might have saved your life or someone else’s even. Just got to go with the flow and know it’s the way life’s plan is.

  3. Crossville is looking like it's gonna be a shit show. Not sure if I'll even go and I'm only an hour away. I undestand yall already paid that buy in, so I'd be going if that was the case!

  4. I just wanna know the back story on Matt. He just showed up in vids recently. I'm wondering if he and Billy have been friends a long time, or where'd they meet?

  5. Billy. ( Please )do some reading up on the milky oil in falcon , I'm not going to tell you this and that,, all's I will say,, it's in your best interest to do some reading… I did a little reading on it and I feel it would benefit you to read some stuff before it's to late…

  6. So let me get this straight, you’re ok with Trumps gop giving the top 10% tax cuts & allowing big corps to pollute & kill Americans but against Bidens money for Covid, money for roads, bridges, rail, water, electric, broadband etc. Ok you’re priorities are different to normal sane un brainwashed people.

  7. why do you guys keep anti freeze in the race car? antifreeze before storing it. Put water and water wetter rest of season? I was told even my street car should not have antifreeze on the track because if it lets go, track is hard to clean

  8. Hi guys, feel your pain on fixing stuff, it's the life/Hobbie we chose. Being a chassis guy, love the new rear-end cam! Say hi to the old man for me.

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