Going Stupid Fast on a Slippery No Prep


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  1. Looks like you have some exhaust leak on falcon.every time it’s the in car video you can see the exhaust since it was cold on passenger side. Maybe it part of your problem. Good luck πŸ‘

  2. Hey billy we all know your not a big talker but some commentary from you would be nice can’t wait to see what that nova does for you next season

  3. Billy I have been riding with you for awhile and it doesn't if I know the outcome I'm still watching!!!!! Oh and I love seeing a GTR get put on trailer in the first round.

  4. I must be honest that Corvette add approximately 6 minutes and 50 seconds I've never seen a Corvette bend like that and take off like that that was weird

  5. Will say it more clearly for you so you can understand are you still working on the Mustang and are you still with Molly racing cars that's all we ask can you understand that

  6. So Tommy. It looks like there is a possibility of you driving 3 race cars next year. Your S10. Billy’s S10. And the Falcon. What a difference a year makes. This year not having a ride. To next year having 3 at your disposal!!

  7. The one two punch combination of no prep you two are competition is getting tougher ….to billy the nova is calling I'll say….. be well you guys…πŸ€™πŸ™

  8. I love watching you guys! And you all are truly blessed to do what you love and to do it your family! That would be a dream come true for me and im sure I speak for others also. Keep doing what you love, you guys are awesome!

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