1990 Acura Integra GS | Retro Review

The 2nd gen Integra was surely more than a glorified version of the Civic, but would you have paid the higher price?
Show 915 | Originally Recorded 01-04-1990

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  1. I had a 4 door 91 Integra (based model with manual window) with an automatic transmission. I timed the car 0-60 with my stop watch and managed 9.2 secs. Of cos, that is not how the prof does it. My fd had a 91 Dodge Spirit ES with a Mitsubishi V6. My Integra actually beat his Spirit at the light. I drove his Spirit and that thing had low end torque but it dies at around 4.5k rpm.

  2. Oh man, when Honda was at the top! Although, the BEST gen would be the '94-1. Then it was pretty much downhil from then. I would take a pristine one of those over a new Acura! I'm still looking…

  3. $16,000 in 1990 is equivalent to $34,000 in today’s money for a rebadged Honda Civic with a modified motor, I laughed when this came out then. You could buy 3 Honda Civic 4 door sedans and cold air intakes for the same money.

  4. That is so ridiculous at 6:07. Why would MW expect the Integra to have not only 1 airbag, but TWO in 1989? Not even BMW, Lexus, nor even the 190E did.

    Seems like nitpicking for the sake of it. Honda ended up being first anyway with the Civic EX in 1992.

  5. One of my favorite cars from the 1990s and the heyday, or golden era for Honda/Acura. Hard to believe it's over 30 years old. Still looks reasonably current, but with that 90s Honda styling. Great performance and reliability. If I could have a collection of cool cars, this would be part of the fleet. And I'm a Toyota fanboy!

  6. I remember buying a Canadian LS sedan with my father in April of 1990. Torino Red. Beautiful car. Yes, it was a glorified Civic, but it reeked of quality and that 130hp 1.8L sounded like a Honda F1 engine when pushed.

  7. I had an '86 and it was great. But i always wanted the 2nd gen but never had the chance to get one. Now these are pretty much gone or heavily messed with.

  8. Great looking car, always wanted one, except in hatchback form. Good the new one looks as great or better and it's more "retro" like more analog and buttons on interior and manual with manual handbrake.

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