In Episode 166 of Mike Finnegan’s Garage, we are responding to all of your most important questions. Stuff like: Where is Blasphemi? Are we going to move out of the garage and get a bigger shop? Do we like Street Outlaws No Prep Kings better than NHRA drag racing and what happened to Newbern’s face? It’s all in this video plus our automotive history and the current status of the Finnegan’s Garage fleet of sh%tboxes. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I like the garage scene, it feels more relatable to viewers. Not everyone has the means to have an off lot shop. Granted your garage is massive but it gives viewers the feel that hey I can do that too in my garage. Cheers

  2. I love the channel and really enjoy the jet boat stuff. I’ve been on the water all my life always stop when I see a jet boat. Can I ride keep up the good work.

  3. i ran the same set up on the rear in our 68 camaro with a bbc. we switched to coiloers and it was so much worse on the street drive and not too much faster in the quarter. it ran 10s. plus it never blew the tires off with the softer rear leaf action, the coilovers were harder to hook. keep up the great content.

  4. I need the caddy floors for my Bel Air..(edit)….and a piece for trim or anything off Dave’s Bel Air to run on my car for coolness.

  5. To be honest man: make a workshop pit of about 15" and get a lift – lower it into the ground so you can make the arms dissappear – the work height isn't that great but since you can be easily 3 feet in the pit, it might work! My dad has the same setup, albeit his garage is a little taller.

  6. I grew up with Newbern our parents were good friends and me and him use to get into so much shit at the car shows….the stories of all the car trading are legit

  7. Can't wait to see Death Metal take on General Mayhem in a new Roadkill episode! I hope it involves Dirt Fish. And Rubber Duck is one of the coolest F Bodies on steamrollers!

  8. I was just in kiabab AZ hunting wore the shirt/hat I bought had so many retired people traveling inquiring on your stuff I showed them your YouTube 👍👍👍

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