1. Yeah he guessed and he wins fair and square but when you have no chance for a championship and you guess and put a man that's in first place out (by guessing) like that it seems kinda of shitty to me. Race straight up. Ryan can't take the chance of guessing he's got too much to lose. Thought howe was a better guy then that.

  2. I don't see this as an "upset", I see it as more of a statement! These "new" or "newer" guys to NPK this year have been giving the older guys fits all season. The 405 only has 1 guy in the top 10. Don't be surprised if Ryan starts calling out 405 guys to insure he keeps pace in the points!! Just saying! Points standings as of 8/10/2021…..

    T1. Eric Kvilhaug 120pts

    T1. Ryan Martin 120pts

    3. Robin Roberts 110pts

    4. Kye Kelley 95pts

    5. Justin Swan 90pts

    T6. Scott Taylor 85pts

    T6. Cody Baker 85pts

    8. Jerry Bird 70pts

    9. Mike Murillo 65pts

    T10. Lizzy Musi 60pts

    T10. Rich Bruder 60pts

    T10. Disco Dean 60pts

    T13. Larry Larson 55pts

    T13. Jim Howe 55pts

    T15. Murder Nova 50pts

    T15. Chuck Seitsinger 50pts

    T15. Birdman 50pts

    T18. B-Rad 45pts

    T18. Kamikaze 45pts

    T18. Wayne Smozanek 45pts

    T18. Randy Williams 45pts

    T22. Tony Mckinney 40pts

    T22. Brandon James 40pts

    24. James Strang 35pts

    T25. Bobby Ducote 30pts

    T25. David Adkins 30pts

    T25. Monza 30pts

    T25. Jeff Lutz 30pts

    T29. Johnny Quick 25pts

    T29. Eric Bain 25pts

    T31. Mike Bowman 20pts

    T31. Jerry Jahnsen 20pts

    T31. Tim Brown 20pts

    T34. Shawn Wilhoit 15pts

    T34. Doc 15pts

    T36. Chuck 55 10pts

    T36. Stan Allen 10pts

    T36. Brian Chucky Davis 10pts

    T39. Boddie 5pts

    T39. Kelly Bluebaugh 5pts

    T39. David Comstock 5pts

  3. Why do people think just because certain people are on t.v., that no one else can beat them. There are soooooooo many grudge cars in this country and RVW cars that are soooooo much faster than these t.v. guys.

  4. The more NPK looks like NHRA , the more NHRA talent will start taking over. There are 1000's of track cars licking there lips at that NPK money.

  5. I was the biggest Ryan Martin fan till he switched to Hemi. I won't watch NPK's anymore because anyone is running a Hemi, this what killed me back in the 60's and 70's with the Funnycars. BACK TO PRO STOCK

  6. Clearly that isn't a pro tree, after replayin it in slo-mo he's moving before the green and even both yellow station lights start to fade before the green comes on….but again, that tree!!

  7. We lost a race at Darlington IHRA. IT WAS 1-1000 of a second .I know we won. But they .gave it to other driver
    That's the way you can not
    Measure that low. It made us upset. We still ending up Winner of that whole race

  8. Yeah that was a pretty damn good guess on the light he knew that was his only chance of beating Ryan Martin. But it ain’t cheating to guess but it is bullshit

  9. Call Jim Howe a lumberjack because he clearly cut the tree down. No matter how fast someone is, when a driver leaves 1st, the 8th or the quarter gets really long when you has to chase!!!

  10. Regardless him guessing ryan should’ve been more ready for those kind of scenarios! He left really late! They know they cant win fair and square

  11. When you have to guess the light cracking the tyres split seconds before the green comes on AND your competitor totally sleeps on the line and gives you a 2 car length lead…yet you still Nearly get caught on the big end. Then you know your car isn't fast enough. You're just there to get a cheeky upset win every once in a long while. Still. A win's a win. The underdog gets a bone sometimes. m/
    Spiced up the championship if Ryan gets knocked out early sometimes.

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