Daddy Dave hits the wall vs Bobby Ducote at Street Outlaws NPK at SGMP


  1. 1/8 mile burnout sorry but I’m tripping the tree already I’m not waiting for anyone to play games wile your backing up I’m staged and waiting

  2. Karma is a bitch. That's what Dave get for wishing other people to wreck.
    The funny thing is, it was someone that ran behind Bobby last week. Bobby is the equalizer.

  3. That's what Dave gets after he wished wished the other racer to crash that was gonna run right behind Bobby after Bobby oiled the track down last time !!!!

  4. Dave want to clip him on the finish line, he was going all in, sad that he lost control and shouts didnt help, damn thats sad right when he start becoming faster and faster. If crash, after race like this Dave, hope to see u soon.

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