Street Outlaws Boosted GT vs The Beater Bomb on the Street of Texas – Limpy OG CashDays Street race


  1. Good race. I really wish I could see beater bomb and boosted out there more these guy’s setups are closer to what the average person runs

  2. I get why you guys don't do a traditional quarter mile drag race but I'm curious could you? How would these cars stand up to quarter mile drag cars? Lastly you all should see about going to the salt flats to see what the actual top end is and have room to stop.

  3. Speaking of Beater bomb. SRC garage ( billy the kid ) has a vid of getting beater bomb merch and his mom is just beside herself with it and his dad calls out Joey it's hilarious

  4. I see a day in the near future where The Butt Hurt bar on the back of Beater Bomb will be banned. The guys that put on these races are changing the rules all the time so it will happen.

  5. Love boosted gt always loses and wins on technicalities. Sorry street outlaws painted that picture.HE CAN DRIVE! Can't believe he still got the yellow new edge car FORD POWERED FORD.

  6. After the chip draw and finding out he was racing Joey in the Beater Bomb, Boosted was heard (on another video) yelling out “SHIT!!!”.

  7. Nice to see these 2 still running somewhat street cars instead of bringing full out pro mods. Sad that fame and money pushed Street Outlaws out of where they started.

  8. I remember him just blowing through nitrous watching him tear it up here in Lincoln and Omaha ten yrs ago racing against bikes and killing cars…10 yrs later like he said he's got passes and the weight bar cracks me up

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