The event was awesome but we had a terrible time with the truck.


  1. Make sure not to gap the rings backwards on Tommy’s motor. The second ring ALWAYS gets gapped more then the top ring.
    Not the other way around. Example if the top ring is gapped at 30 then the second ring need to be gapped at 32
    Good luck.

  2. I want to thank you and Billy and your channel for getting me interested in drag racing again I ran top sportsman with my dad and when he passed I lost interest so after 35 years of not racing I’m going to get back into it so thank you for getting me excited about it again keep up the good work I’ll be watching

  3. Was expecting Billy to get down on one knee after the candles went out. Kind of sucks the engine is back out for just a broken rocker but as you said it was a bad noise and I’m sure you expected lower end,keep the faith,I’m sure you will be back sooner then Later and bad to the bone.

  4. Great video! That sbc 15 degree motor is going to bad to the bone when yall get it right. I'm interested in the bracket racing tips and tricks. I love ur channel it prefect. You have a wonderful family. Keep doing what yall are doing its inspirational. Thank you

  5. Initially started just making tnt passes, tried out bracket racing and loved it. Moved to more grudge/street stuff anymore but still run a bracket class every now and then. Absolutely agree that it is the easiest/cheapest way to get into competitive drag racing!

  6. I've been bracket racing off and on for the last 20 years and I'm positive the old man could teach me a few things would love to see some bracket racing tips and tricks videos!

  7. Can't wait to hear what you have to say on getting started drag racing. Sorry the weekend didn't go so well but I know you guy's will get things turned around

  8. Love watching your videos Bill. Really enjoy following SRC & SRC Garage. Glad the channels are doing good for you all. Please keep it up. 🏁

  9. Bracket racing videos definitely.
    Years ago I used to bracket race my bbc 66 impala, and then my BBC 67 chevelle. Had a lot of fun, wasn't very successful though.

  10. Such a great American story.. your voice.. the simple things you speak on and even the background music.. all that wrapped around family and racing is amazing

  11. Absolutely make some bracket racing videos! I think the vast majority of people that don’t like it just don’t understand it….. if they get a little bit of instruction they may find out how much fun it is!

  12. was great seeing you race live, would have loved to meet you, but i am not capabile of walking the pits anymore, was in the a/c in the tower. i love you guys, you represent ohio well. makes me proud, love ya all. good luck, stay safe,

  13. Definitely interested in some training videos. Keep your heads up…that luck has to turn around. Whats the new record on pulling the motor? It is what it is. Love me some SRC time!!!

  14. Bracket racer here and I love all y’all’s content!! There’s some BIG money bracket races nowadays, and would like to here y’all’s opinion on it.

  15. Some people don't understand most mechanics minds are under a solving problem delema so most of time they are silent till they figure out problem

  16. you guys are getting so down over something so small. thank goodness it was just a rocker arm and not a whole engine! I would have let out a big heck yeaaaaa at the top of my lungs to find out it was just the rocker arm bc i know you guys have alot of money in everything but its a lesson learned and now you know! keep your heads up I hate seeing you guys so down! I pray that every thing else goes good for all of you guys for the rest of the season and God keeps you all safe and in the winners circle!

  17. Love your guys channel, I’m from Honolulu Hawaii and we currently don’t have a race track, I love living my racing through you folks. Bracket racing tips could help everyone! Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for the new videos and see the two s10s kill it on the track and the street. Thanks

  18. Hey pops you should never apologize to a man or woman that understands race 🏁 and if not stay home or shut the hell up and be a man. I under stand when it's your kid drive a loaded .38. That's why face is not for real racer or race fans. Keep the channel growing and keep the turbos spinning.

  19. The bracket racing would be awesome that’s exactly what I myself would love to get into not a lot of money but I do have a camaro to beat on hahaha

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