Street Outlaws 2021, No Prep Kings Hebron, Ohio: In the Pits

The first Street Outlaws 2021 race in Hebron, OH. Lots of fast cars and great no prep racing. If you missed this one, find the schedule and get to the next one, you will not be disappointed!! Loved seeing all the racing fans this weekend.


  1. I came out Friday night with my dad to see you run and the kid. I'm really glad you did well on your passes after the long trip up here. And the weather held out. Keep it up…. go get after it!

  2. Its amazing isn't it! All their toterhomes and stacker trailers, unbelievable from where they started! That show must pay well!
    Is that the 1st time you've seen and heard their cars? They're some badazz pieces!

  3. It was a FANTASTIC weekend for NPK, And I hope everyone that go a chance to attend had a blast. We ALL need to get back to enjoying events like this. Thank TJ for the walk around.

  4. It sucks that John Doc didn't have the Black Sheep back together and figured out. I would have loved to see him at NPK too.

  5. So glad I got to meet you man!! Absolutely bucket list item. I was the guy with the Bengals jersey on with my two little dudes.

  6. It was great meeting you. Funny at the 10:00 min. mark that was me and my wife in the stands top corner. You did awesome till the finals. The starter started waiting about 2 and a half to 3 seconds to go green after the racers were ready. Wish I could have told you. He was doing it to make it more dramatic or something. You missed green by a half of a second or so. Now you have to stop saying you are a first round duck. Hate Fords. LMFAO. OH there was a lot of people cheering for you!

  7. Thanks for the vid John, you're always giving us the most up to date info all the time and we (I) appreciate it very much. Keep it up and good luck as well as be safe more than anything. 😎👍💯

  8. Congrats on going to the finals. You was out on dude and should of had the W but I understand as a racer that it's part of racing W some L some but you represented us North Carolina guys. You should go to the next NPK small tire in Florida sense u looked so awesome.

  9. @3:40, the blue '57 Chev with the push car being a model of the race car, WOW! That's a cool program rite there, hope we learn who that is one day.

  10. Thanks for the video john,goes to show that the fans have spoken,they want to relate to people like them not the nhra junk coporate junk

  11. Awesome coverage, appreciate the simple here we are to compete, making the best of it and keeping up (and passing) with competition. Definitely my inspiration to keep my turbo 1st gen 408 sbc going. To get out there and put those ls swaps on the trailer.

  12. Hello John, thnx for videos
    Is it true after Bobby oil downed track Daddy Dave wanted the brudder bros. To run so they can wreck ?

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