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We ask some Street Outlaws if the show is fake


  1. The racing isnt fake, its the bullshit that Discovery and Pilgrim pull every single episode that pisses me off. They need to quit trying to attract Joe Schmoe non-car person to the shows with all of their bullshit lies and drama they force-fed them into the shows, and keep it real for real car people and racers.

  2. Sorry, but I think it was very disrespectful to even ask this question of racers , cast or crew.
    Social media is full of trolls , haters and attention seekers that probably don't even have a car or drivers license.
    Ya got a lot of jealous folks out there that don't know how to express appreciation (for anything) , and/or are just fanboi's for specific regions.
    I've only been following street racing for about 1 year. I think as far as reality-tv goes , it delivers premium content. Lots of drama , fun , humor , technical jargon , DANGER , and behind-the-scenes interview and experiences.
    Whether it's on tv or youtube , it's a year round source of entertainment and information to real car enthusiast.

  3. I like to believe this is real, just like I used to believe ice road truckers was real, until one season they put Hugh as half owner of a company that the owner was a friend of mine. My friend explained that no he was not half owner, and even when they showed trucks skidding on the ice road, it was rehearsed and planned. Never watched an episode ever since.

  4. Megalodon! Hell Yeah Brother.

    Now idk, the 405 S.O. show probably is scripted. lol jk

    As far as the fricking producers pushing for a bit of drama here and there? Sure, I can believe that. But full on scripted aka here's your lines – say this, do that? Nah Probably more like "Please don't say this and Please do that". lol

    Seriously though, they really dont need it to be scripted, it's called "we'll just edit it to look they way we'd like". The power of editing, there's the so called "it's scripted".

  5. The racing is obviously all real but some of the drama seems a little exaggerated. I guess that's to be expected when there's a lot of big egos acting up for the camera though.

  6. i Wouldnt call it fake.. I-ll stick to altered to fit the purpose. And ofc they cant tell it is fake if it was.. Dont bite the hand that paid your racecar 😉

  7. Fake is a strong statement. Birdman's crash was not fake. Neither was the other crashes. Do I think producer's and other people have a say in the outcome, quite possibly. Last night's show was not a good representation of street racing as a whole. I know they moved the starting line but guys who had not spun a tire the whole event all the sudden can't make a pass. That just doesn't look good.

  8. I don't think the racing or the outcomes are scripted but I believe what ole Block said the other day when he said producers usually tell him when to hype it up for the camera. And that cow from Kentucky, aka Milk Man's Mommy, I promise they scripted her antics into the show. Kye put out a statement earlier today on FB and basically said he's done with FIA.

  9. You would think after seeing Memphis beat NOLA on tv last night it is, but if you look to social media, a lot of the NOLA guys have made posts confessing how pissed off they are about how this past Fastest in America went down. I think Kye just made a post yesterday on his official Facebook about last night’s shit show even though this happened months ago, but of course didn’t wanna give it away. I don’t think the show is fake at all. Yeah maybe there’s certain ideas pitched by the producers when it comes to funny scenes and stuff like that. The only thing I’m skeptical of is how with anyone that faces Memphis seems to always fall on their asses and they always have near perfectly consistent runs. In their case, I think it could possibly just be a fund for the bumpkins cause they cry of poverty. Either that or I’m wrong and they are just totally amazing racers with all luck and skill on their side somehow 🤦‍♂️

  10. I don't know myself. But a good friend went out there for the 3 straight weeks of filming… Posted pictures on Facebook everyday of them … He called me rite at the end and said " 2 Teams took buy offs".. He was pissed !!!.. Him and JJ go back a little ways. He said Never Again 😡😡…. So I don't know who because he wouldn't say… But I know it really messed with him.. He spent like $7000 out there just hanging out. Winabago and trailer the works.. 3 flat tires 😃😃…so that's his input on the Real or not… One damn thing is for sure. None of Jjs crew have won shit at a NPK Event.. you can't melt and pour them on one.

  11. Ppl that think the shows are fake they dont kno shit just a bunch of haters the show is real the only thing they do is shut the roads down for filming they should just watch old cash days videos

  12. You asked the wrong question fake isn't the word. Scripted yes, the drama is scripted, the out come of the finals scripted. Why in the hell you put rubber down for that many races then all of a sudden move the starting line 400 ft further down the road? I also read mso was able to test on the new surface while nola wasn't. Also if you're on the show and getting asked on camera if the show is "fake" would you answer of course and jeopardize your paycheck? I think not. The only guy that admitted he fucked up adam who drives shocker. He said he didnt turn on his nitrous. I mean Tricia almost went off the road and todd couldn't catch her? Really? All season if a race was close they would review it. Why not Bobby ducotes race it totally looked like he drove around his guy. No review. Nola just took it. Like they had to. JJ and Tricia say our show isn't idk about other shows well, same production company. So what's that say? 🤔 that finale was horrible and looked so scripted Nola looked like they all were running motor only. JJ hustled everyone. Including production.

  13. I didn't think so till last episode,I felt like it was designed fo MSO to win and I'm a MSO fan but u could feel from way it went and ppl were acting that things weren't right so I'm bowing out of anymore street outlaws shows

  14. How do you think JJ pays his rent this is his job to make cash ! Remember they don't race each other from mso they can't make money that way ! Lol

  15. Seriously???its definitely scripted… does not take a genius to figure out they read off of cue cards… and there is only one reason to do that. If you want them to say certain things

  16. And how they get around the lie is, in there contract it says there all paid actors. Any time there on camera or could be on camera, there to keep up the act. Its fake but they dont want to say it because they would looses there contract and be discredited any way. The show is 100% fake ask any out of towner that goes to see these guys in person.

  17. I don't watch this stupid fake azz shiznit but tonight there wasn't anything else on tv so I watched part of it. Fake fights, fake oversteering which if it were real you would absolutely wreck….fake drama. Garbage tv.

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