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Don’t hate the Player hate the Game!


  1. Wish he would leave the line so we could see how fast or what he is running im for sure with out a doubt he isn't running on the other cars in fastest in MERCA

  2. "Get a little filming in" my God she thinks she's a movie start now…talk'n about what the fans like and don't like, fans do particularly like obnoxious loud mouths much. You can file that little nugget away for reference from time to time…just a suggestion.

  3. Sorry Sketch, sure I’m not the only one who thinks life is too short. Love racing, but don’t do bi-polar, or if it’s just an act for the show, don’t like fake either. If you’re green (M.M.) and slow (His Truck), at least be humble / respectful to other competitors, but your “Momma” running her gator for you is dysfunctional.

    I don’t really see “WRTLOK”… the Women Race Team Leaders Of Kentucky becoming at thing. JS. I’m predicting the first 5 minutes of her “15” is gone. If not, I’ll have to go back on BP medicine.

  4. I watched this truck on street outlaws…it didn't run, just parked in the racing lane and won by not racing. I miss the ol days when ya went down to the finish line to win.

  5. I don't know if it's part of her hustle or what with Mary but no matter what it is I just can't handle a loud mouth crazy woman it's kinda scary but if it's part of her hustle she still should have some kind of respect for the other drivers trying to keep their heads straight so they don't make a mistake going down the street at 140 – 160 just one little mistake can kill you as for the son the only thing I can say is ( momma's boy)🍼

  6. That truck is a nice vehicle and the kid should be proud of it, but at least from pix appears to be all steel street truck, it's really hard to take seriously on fastest in America. Think they will do something to it to make it more a legit contender if there is a season 3.

  7. I love windy hollow dragway. 1st time I went there in years I saw Jay jay's arm Drop.. It was hands down the best event I've ever been To. Mama bears right, That track is sketchy is f****. That's why it's so badd a**. Mary Beth, Is a stone cold Fox. But, don't get On her bad side… she will woop your ass. I'm in love. If you get a chance to go to anything running at windy hollow drag way ,you want to go watch it. it's a great environment, it's a fun place to hang out, it's ran and taken care of by great people. it's a family operation. every time I go there I have A-blast.

  8. You know you are the rudest woman I've ever heard on TV have to stop you say you're wrong your truck's slow and that big Jim guy was scared as hell when that dude jerked his shirt off the woman shut her big mouth the kid he took off running didn't even see him and Jim got scared you guys are only on the show so people can make fun of you and belittle you have more integrity for yourself

  9. Sherrybeth and Danny are really nice folks.. They are all about their fans.. And all about family. I think that people see them wrong when they watch street outlaws. Milkmom is just a mom that has her sons back 100% .. That's how we roll at my house. Family is everything.

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