No Prep Kings Season 4 Is Being POSTPONED – No Prep News Episode 20

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Thanks for watching!!! New episode next Sunday!!! All my videos go live at 6:00 pm CST!!!

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  1. i think they will run NPK without spectators soon. NPK like ALL Street Outlaws are a TV show first. Having spectators is just a bonus. It's like the superbowl, money is made from TV. Plus unlike soccer, Bball, etc the participants doesn't have any direct contact w/ each other. If edited correctly the tv audience doesn't even have to know there are no fans there.

    Congrats on 20k!!

  2. The media knows the "sheeple" can be controlled and manipulated with just a little BS. Covid-19 is a cold virus, there is 1-18 folks! N1H1, 2009, 60 million sick, 300,000 hospitalized and 18,000 dead and nothing closed or cancelled. There were 1,000 dead before Obummer even had a press conference. Wake up people!

  3. there are many more deaths by homicide in all these cities than the the covid13 virus so are there bullet proof masks for that ha ha ha

  4. Justin Swanstrom is gonna shock some folks this year. The dude has the skills and the car to go far. And the guy seems to be a genuine nice person. All the things to build a big fanbase .
    Next, I am amazed at the lack of common sense and the gullibility of the masses. People need to pull the heads out of the sand. And see this for what it is. Another strain of the flu. Influenza has more sick and killed more, than this Coronavirus crap. Wait till the attitudes and B.S. start up. Because everything fun and entertaining has been taken away. If this thing don't get straightened out soon. The stupidity is gonna hit a new level. Just my thoughts, nothing fact based.

  5. Jeff Lutz been building race cars for a long time the guy has built lot's of his cars and he has built cars for others too so to see him build another car is not surprising

  6. Awesome job man! I drive truck for a living and look forward to listening to no prep news! Keep up the good work! Stay safe and healthy!

  7. Sim, i have been watching Justin Swanstrom and the Swan gang from Bradenton Fl. for a while. He has a late model Camaro with a nitrous fed 900 plus Pat Musi big block. Thia thing runs. He should do well in NPK.

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