New No Prep Kings Contender?

Pedro Garza is the owner of the twin turbo mustang known as hired help. With the driving duties going to Daniel Parchar from triangle speed shop the team seems to have figured out the big tire scene quickly as they did extremely well at the winter meltdown no prep event in san Antonio , Texas. We managed to chat with them for their future plans with the car which included trying to do the no prep kings shows. Do you all think they have enough for the no prep kings? They dominated small tire and sets their sights in big tire and it will be interesting to watch! For more no prep racing news and coverage follow our social medias at:


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  1. Beautiful Grand Am at the beginning I've always thought Pontiacs make nice drag cars and I'm a die hard Chevy fan so if I ever can't find a beautiful Chevy for a drag car Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles hold a close second which they are a branch off of Chevy for those that don't know

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