No Mercy 10: Pro 275 Eliminations

Duck X Productions No Mercy 10 featured Pro 275, the baddest cars in the world on a 275 drag radial. With combos such as nitrous, turbo, twin turbo, superchargers, and roots & screw blowers, this class is as hardcore as Radial vs The World but on a 275. With the return of Little Evil racing and more, who will come out on top or will an underdog make it to the winners circle at South Georgia Motorsports Park?!?!?


  1. I know people who race in really fast cars (some 200 plus mph in the 1/8th ) , and sometimes on no prep tracks , that claim if you pedal quick enough you can avoid a crash , I dont think any driver could have avoided what happened to the GTO @16:47 . There was no time to react when that happened , he was just along for the ride . I hate seeing cars wrecked but luckily his was minor damage .

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