Megatron Twin Turbo Proline Mustang takes on the Street Outlaws at No Prep Kings

Stan Allen the driver of the megatron mustang takes on the future street outlaw class. Its a class where racers race to be in the main show at some point. So far the golden kong has been undefeated and looking dominant. No car has been able to come close to beating it. So check out the competition that we are sure you’ll see in the main show in the future.
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  2. Natalie, keep doing your thing another good video. Ignore some of these keyboard haters on here. I know what goes on and I still watch and will keep watching. Good video!

  3. Guy's take it easy on Nat… It could be a bearded dude with white frame sunglasses, shit stains and a back pack on… Cut her some slack dang

  4. Natalie wasn't silly in the intro this time. I'm kinda disappointed tbh. I usually think to myself "oh jeez, here she goes, getting goofy again", only to find myself laughing from her being silly. So….. please tell Natalie to keep on doing what she's been doing.

  5. I'm glad to see that megatron won and put it on that golden kong, I'm so sick of hearing how fast that car is, well it's not as fast as everyone thought now is it

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