World Series of Pro Mod XDR class; Heads up 1/8th mile drag racing

World Series of Pro Mod XDR class
XDR meaning Extreme drag radial
Pro mod coverage to follow later in the week



  1. Love your channel I grew up in CO. I worked up at the track as a teen. My Brother races up there on Wednesday nights . Hope to maybe see him in one of your videos.

  2. Thanks for the great videos! Hey, what’s up with the Pro Mods not showing times? The event was live streamed by a big name vendor. I quit watching as soon as I realized they weren’t showing the times. Like everyone doesn’t know what Pro Mods run? WTH?

  3. SUPERB IMAGE QUALITY, BUT the worst thing about DSLR's or any camera with a sensor this big is that it wants to always blur the background so when the cars go down track & once you zoom it tends to go out of focus alot….but still good work

  4. Dude this is some of the cleanest footage I have seen to date 😉👍the viewers love it when you give turbo sizes an engine spec.🧐🤯 details keep up the good work be patient 🙏with footage like this you are going to the top☝️😛👍

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