This year at the Drag Illustrated World Series of Pro Mod event instead of having a wildcard race – which paid $10,000 to the winner last year – a burnout contest was held Friday.

And the winner was Stevie “Fast” Jackson. For his thrilling burnout, Jackson collected the $5,000 first-place check.

“This is awesome,” said Jackson. “This is just as good as the race. The reason it is so awesome because all of them people are excited about coming to watch drag racing (Friday night). It (the burnout) was crazy. It was over the track. I was steering it with the throttle, pumping the brakes, chutes, it was fun. The burnout is the most fun thing I do out here, so it was good.”

During the burnout, Jackson acknowledged his car did experience some problems.

“The thing went out there and shut off,” Jackson said. “I don’t know if it blew up or not, but it would not start.”


  1. YOU ARE THE MAN STEVE ( FAST ) JACKSON!!!!!! You are one of the baddest men in drag racing to date i dont care what some people say about you as long as you keep WINNING and you do that alot there will be haters and sore losers, and if you talk SHIT you back it up thats what else i like about you ( Fast ) Jackson Thankyou for keeping me entertained through the years and many more to come, cant wait till you come to Maryland international raceway so i can come see you again my friend

  2. THIS IS WHY I LOVE WATCHING HIM!!!!!! crowd wants a burn out from a 100k+ car!!! hold me beer we got this!!!!! keep it up steve!!!!!!

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