Top Fuel Dragster Drag Strip Racing Videos World's Fastest 338 MPH US 131 Motorsports Park

Top Fuel Dragster Drag Strip Racing Videos World’s Fastest 338 MPH US 131 Motorsports Park. Nitro Ninja. 1/4 Mile Dom Lagana Funny Car Nationals MPH Run Mile Per Hour Track Record
September 9, 2017 – , Martin, Michigan: featuring the team of Lagana brothers, Dom and Bobby who reset the track record to 338.35. Twilight Zone. Fuchs Nationals.

New : Watch Dom Lagana’s history-making 4-second monster run and fastest QUARTER MILE record pass in the world, in the family-owned Nitro Ninja during last evening’s final session of the Funny Car Nationals with an incredible 338 MPH pass! Long-acknowledged as the fastest track in Michigan, and now they can claim the PLANET! Considering that at the time of the run the air temp dipped to around 55 degrees and the relative humidity was rising well over 60%, and despite dropping a hole at approximately four seconds into the run, Lagana’s incredible run was clean and dry. Lagana’s 338.35 now eclipses the 337 mark established by Tony Schumacher, who clocked 337.58 MPH at Brainerd International Raceway way back in 2005. As if doubling-up at last weekend’s US Nationals wasn’t enough, Lagana’s hat-trick last night was the icing on the cake in a week of non-stop celebrations.

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