Would you drive a 5000 HP Dragster? #NHRA #IHRA #Hotwheels #BAERBrakes #JimMaroney

#NHRA #HotWheels #Mattel #Cacklefest #JimMaroney #TheLindeRoadster #Steinegger #Eshenbaugh

The NHRA Arizona Drag Racers reunion was filled with legends in the drag racing community including the team of Steinegger and Eshenbaugh, NHRA and land speed record holders. The event was held at Baer Brakes in phoenix. The weather was perfect, and the atmosphere was magic.

Many retired drag racers brought their cars out for the event and the cacklefest. Several people from Arizona were inducted into the Arizona Drag Racer Association Hall of Fame. There was plenty of action and history to be had at this cool event.

The 50th Anniversary Hot Wheels Phoenix winner, Red Neck Racing was there along with current NHRA Top Fueler, Jim Maroney. There were Pro Street cars, Slingshots, Trucks, Gassers and even a drag boat made an appearance, albeit on a trailer as there was no water.
Stay tuned to the end for the cacklefest which is sure to please anyone interested in how cool dozens of Nitro burning cars sounds.

Stay Tuned For More Bad Ass Cars and Trucks That Are Sure To Get Your Fuel Flowing.

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  1. Wow thats a great show! Can you imagine driving one of those old slingshots full boogie? I love the old plaques on the front of the car "Gents" Phoenix, AZ! I see them a lot, wonder who was making them things. They are from the 50s, 60s! Old hot rod clubs

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