Al Anabi Performance (AAP) and KH are breaking some INCREDIBLE records in Qatar! We’d be willing to bet you never would have thought the worlds fastest 10.5 tire car would be a BIG BLOCK V6 Corvette!! This C6 Chevrolet Corvette is rocking a 549ci V6 motor, assisted by (2) 98mm Turbos and 7 years worth of BADASS engineering!

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  1. personally I'd dissaprove of a v6 in a corvette because I live by the "no replacement for displacement" philosophy, but that v6 is bigger than any v8 that came factory in a vette! a 6.0L is 366 ci. the 7.0 is 427. this is a 9 liter v6! basically is just a big block chevy that someone sawed off two cylinders from

  2. When will people understand that how fast a car is, is not the e.t. Hell you want a low et so the lower the et refered to as mph is dumb to insist. So if you run a 7.2 then understand 7.2 mph is slow

  3. Sounds like those gasser/alcohol converted Cummins/Oliver/Caterpillar engines that some of those sled pull tractors use.

    Pretty damn wicked!

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