Why This Salvaged Transmission Sold For $400,000!

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This seemingly junk Transmission recently sold for nearly $400,000! Why? Well I’m gonna tell you

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  1. Good grief… Some people are so stupid.!
    James Dean obviously wasn't as good of a driver as he thought he was.
    Rebel without a damned clue… Or… A rebel without an ounce of regard for other drivers.
    Also, he's a liar.!

  2. at the time the Stuttgart gearbox being displayed, it reminds me of Ken Miles' Porsche engined Cooper called the "Pooper", didn't know that he had a run in with the guy being discussed in the video lmao.

  3. Anyone who’s interested in using that mine app they promoted this episode I would recommend against it, the company uses your email and emails all those companies that hold your info on your behalf but the problem is now you’re getting hundreds of email replies constantly and most of them aren’t even gonna remove your info from their sites

  4. Damn that’s crazy. When I used to work in the oilfields in Bakersfield, I used to drive past “James Dean’s Last Stop” which is an old gas station on the corner of Hwy. 33 and Hwy. 46. It’s a Texaco now, with a huge 30ft (I’m guessing) cutout of James Dean outside, if I’m not mistaken, and it has a bunch of cool things inside. I’d go in to use the restroom and SUPPOSEDLY they had James Deans’ pair of goggles or glasses that he was wearing during that crash. They were yellow-tinted. This is pretty interesting because he died in the backroads of my hometown. And when you said “Bakersfield” I kinda got excited lol

  5. I wouldn't put single piece of James Dean's car into my own, Your just tempting lil basterd to come take that soul. Obi Wan Actor Sir Alic Mcguiness warn him it was going to kill him and I'll be damned if if the basted didn't.

  6. As somebody born and raised in Salinas that now lives in Long Beach, the inaccuracies of that drive that are stated annoy me. It is not 250 miles in a car. It is over 300. “Racer’s Road” is a bypass of Highway 99 and done by taking 166 to 33 then to Highway 46. Highway 46, which is the graphic shown there, is not part of theRacer’s Road. 46 is over150 miles north of LA, not 100. Also, the intersection of the crash is still just a flashing yellow light and the San Andreas Fault runs right next to it. You can still stop at Blackwell’s Corner at the intersection of 33 and 46, which was James Dean’s last stop (they have bomb Butterfinger coffee there).

  7. driven through that intersection many times on the 41/46. Shout out to Nolan w the Atascadero central coast love! Meet you at the Nipomo swap meet? do they have car parts there?? then a Firestone grill Tri tip sammie in SLO.

  8. claim seems to want your information too 🤣 i wonder how your even gonna reclaim info if u bought something one a site cleaning your cookies would probly be beter than using yet another service provider who probly uses your info to sell 🙄

  9. That safety video was so sincere, you could tell James really followed and cared for road safety🤣 for real though that is some pretty eerie stuff

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