Where's My Nitro Nomad, Alex?! Sick Seconds 2.0 Street Test Before Drag Week

We had to call Alex Taylor in for a serious meeting to find out what’s happening with my Nomad!!
The thrash for Drag Week 2022 is well and truly on. We did some street testing in Sick Seconds 2.0, the world’s quickest street car, and uncovered some issues with the charging system we need to address. There’s no point running fives if we can’t drive the 1000 miles! When you watch this video we will probably be on our way to St Louis with @Riding With Alex Taylor and @Steve Morris Engines to do some testing and then go for the win at Hot Rod Drag Week!

Want to take my Drag Week spot and have Steve Morris ride around with you for the week? Go to and see if you can find a car for sale.

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  1. Maybe if you’re burning up alternators ya better stop by Motion on the way … Get you a bigger pulley.. I’ve seen a few on Rocky burn up.. Johnathan Stonecifer figured it out I hope

  2. Seeing the ins and outs of what it takes to compete, run a shop & all that goes on behind the scenes brings me here. Always look forward to seeing what's happening in the world of Tom Bailey!! The man sure is dedicated!!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! A Sickness update….. Mr B, bout time to start kickin football's up the less sunny side of those in charge of figuring out what parts are needed so you can kick soccer ball's up…. Yeah…. of the slow part's suppliers!! A screw-blown SMX on nitro methane, through a quick-drive in front of a Liberty and Gear Vendor……… I'm forgetting something, but it's only a minor detail…. Ohh, on a radial…
    How difficult could it be guys??? 😂😂😂😂

  4. Like a politician: "Waiting to find time to work real hard to fight to get ready to see if we can think about ordering the parts that we think might fit the actual parts that we could order if we had time to wait on shipping the order."

  5. You said you sent one of your guys to get some tires in Kalamazoo exactly how close are you to Kalamazoo I always thought you were over by Detroit

  6. I was fifteen in 1972 and i brought a 1957 chev gasser but traded it for a 1966 SS Chevelle so i decided to build a new one like the one i had and i waited over a year to get my Crager ss mags and waited over a year for a world products block. it very frustrating.

  7. Alex:"I don`t want YOURS! I want one that like ….WORKS!" classic quote. You Taylor's
    MIGHT see a couple hours work done on your Nomad by 2025, IF<<< some little girl apologizes to "Da King " for that smart ass reply. Id like to see how well the 55 "works " with out your daddy puttin 75 hours plus a week keepin it glued together.

  8. Thanks for the update on the Nomad. I am glad that it's still a work in progress. I hope those parts get there soon, because I am looking forward to seeing this build completed.

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