Wheeler Dealers Dream Car S02E09 David's VW Golf GTI (May 9, 2022)

Wheeler Dealers Dream Car S02E09 David’s VW Golf GTI (May 9, 2022)


  1. Disappointing it’s not even completely original why On earth would you swap the engine. I had a 205gti Miami blue 1.9. I wouldn’t even consider putting in a 306 gti-6 engine. It’s sacrilege to change the engine on these types of cars as that’s the very essence of what’s makes these machine so special. Originality originality originality so sad 😞.

  2. Pourquoi t’as changé ton mécanicien ? Celui qui parler comme Elvis Presley avec sa bouche de TRAVERS ? ( don’t be cruel)

  3. A non standard GTI with a terrible MOT history and has been clocked with 176,000 miles on it for 10K? do they just buy these cars without checking them first? and the car has not been registered with DVLA for the different engine. Lets hope he does not have an accident.

  4. Can't believe that mini was only cos of low oil level 🤦🏻‍♂️
    The previous owner must be kicking himself after seeing this!

  5. Glad I had the sense to forward part of the undescripted load of crap and got to watch the end, from 91ish I had a Astra Gte 16v they were a far better car than MK1 gtis and MK2s the reason it was 10grand was the engine, even with the grill it didn't seam Wright for a MK1 GTi.

  6. Im bado remember this app you guys makes so many tricks like im the bad boy not you but making the enternet 300 years eater that is massive and shame for us as juesh

  7. Mike estou no Brasil e gostaria de participar do Dream Car. Que tal você tentar aqui? Sonho com 2 carros, um VW GOL GTI 1994 (restaurado pelo By Deni) e um Escort 1.8 XR3 1992(impecável), tenho para iniciar um ASTRA GSI 2005 impecável.
    Mike I'm in Brazil and I would like to participate in the Dream Car. How about you try here? I dream of 2 cars, a VW GOL GTI 1994 (restored by By Deni) and an Escort 1.8 XR3 1992 (immaculate).

  8. I made some bad investments and lost $2,000.000.I really wanted a Bugatti,but now can't afford one.I am happy to throw in my Aston Martin an 5 quid.

  9. Good video but fir £10k it should have had its original 1800 8v DX engine. The GTI trim should have included the waistline and rear hatch silver stripe and a set of 9 spoke tarantulas would have finished it off.

  10. Although a great car, he wanted an original…. A resto mod aint, no matter how ya cut it, original.
    The guy never said (at any point) i want a “reliable daily” as Mike kept saying.
    That said, whole series and concept of the program is fantastic… oh and Uploader, ffs stop with the daft music and cut shots… Just mute it and do subtitles for 3mins, just a thought 😉

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