What’s happening with Goliath? Exclusive Hint!

In this vlog, I drop an exclusive on what I will do with Goliath. Make sure you listen and pay very close attention 😉 I also take you through some behind-the-scenes of the new Monte Carlo build for Street Outlaws and a few garage projects.

2023 is going to be a crazy year, and I have so much to share from my new race car, shop projects, Street Outlaws, No Prep Kings, and a bunch of new merchandise and apparel.

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  1. The new season of 405 Street Outlaws has been great much,much better than the last few years was less drama, moaning, groaning and fighting it was way more enjoyable to watch its been great seeing everyone in their element laughing joking and having fun like the old days

  2. I can't believe anybody keeps watching these idiots after we all caught them on live microphone talking with Big Chief and cheating at the same time

  3. Daddy Dave has been behind the scenes building cars to take over, and i believe that's what he will do, when I heard he built an audi i wasn't digging it…until I seen it…..thats one beautiful car, a work of art like he said , it looks fast as hell while sitting still……. and I love the g bodies and the mo te carlo is bad ass….daddy fave is the best street drag race driver in the country

  4. Daddy Dave is the shit! Dude I’ve been a huge fan sense this shit started! Can’t wait to see, everything else honestly I can’t wait to see americas list 3.0 if there is one 😭 much love from Maine!

  5. Hang in there DD. We love ya. I've been a big fan of yours since Street Outlaws began. And you are right, the cars are so much faster than they were when it all started. Just try to keep the videos coming brother.

  6. Thank goodness you are getting that car worked on. The G body is not a great platform for a racecar in its original format. Lol. I had an 84 SS I raced. It wasn't the fastest thing in town but it damn sure wasn't the slowest. The first car I raced was a 76 malibu classic. Damn I miss that car. PEACE ✌

  7. No disrespect I'm not really understanding why a lot of people are into these Buicks and Monte Carlo g bodies back in the day these were throwaway cars I mean I get it they had the Monte Carlo SS with the t-tops that was pretty cool but in the '80s and '90s you could buy these cars for a dime a dozen why not something a little cooler that's all I'm saying

  8. Yeah me to but I am glad daddy Dave is keep is his Chevy 2 nova my dad had one that he showed at car shows and there awesome cars I would love to get one myself but they are alot of money even a project one so I can build as a project car in memory of my dad

  9. Ryan is about the only 1 I’ve noticed that built a new car and it do as good or better than the old one in NPK, All the other new cars haven’t done much. Time will tell if you’ll be like Ryan

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