WHAT WILL LIZZY MUSI DO NEXT – No Prep News Episode 169

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  1. She will chose her father and if allow her to sacrifice her happiness just for him to satisfy his ego . He will be a real piece of trash just my opinion. He should ease up and help his daughters relationship instead of being a Thorn in it but what do I know .

  2. @Simm you should check out the interview that Bobby Ducote did with Billy and Tommy new podcast. He got some interesting insight on what the deal is

  3. I saw Bobby say Lizzie's working on her own operation no more BS with Dad and his shit it's the only way for her to be happy and her and kye to work out while racing with and against each other lol

  4. If Pat Musi had such insurmountable problems with Kye he should’ve let Lizzy know that at the beginning as I don’t believe lizzy will choose her father over Kye and that’s exactly the position that egomaniacal old coot put her in.

  5. Like several people have said already. Liz has said she getting her own team/ crew, car, stacker, everything. I think they were to get married the last weekend of NPK. This was before they knew the schedule of NPK. The last post I saw about Kye and Lizzy they were on a tropical island and warm.

  6. Doesn't seem like there is a NPK show that Fat Musi's not causing trouble or saying something stupid about somebody or something. But it's ratings! NO, it's a big part of why I stopped watching the show, if I want drama I'll watch netwotk TV.

  7. I lost respect some for kye wanting her to lose on purpose ryn would never tell someone to do that Ana that's disrespect full to have her having to pick between them she beet him and they should have never got mad anywY and Scott the only one that said race you don't lay down for anyone Scott would not do it not far to the fans they just will do anything to try to beat Ryan

  8. i am done with the fact that kye is crying and want his teammates to lose so he could win the npk season. nola are heavy hitters and everytime somebody is losing for his sake that weakens the competition and the fact that underdogs could win the season. you should not lay over for your teammates and race to win. nobody should do it not only nola but everybody.

  9. Who in their right mind cares what any of these people do in their lives? This is like pro wrestling was in the 1980s. T

  10. Daddy Pat, SURELY will not stand for this FANSONLY Deal, and probably has already shown her the Door. They will Finish in Australia for Sponsor/Legal Issues ETC. But ultimately, I think Lizzy will go all in with Kye for Now, Build THEIR OWN Empire. Then maybe Slowly Lizzy will eventually start HER Own Operation WITH KYE.

    Playboy ETC Is BLOWING UP Lizzy Musi's Phone right now. FANSONLY is just a drop in the Bucket compared to what kind of Cash She can REALLY Make. Someone posted she recently had 56,000 Followers at $10ea, so you do the Math, then Just Imagine what Playboy is Offering her.

    Hopefully Discovery don't frown on her for all of this. I've Googled the Free Pics of her already, and so far looks like she's only shown a Thong Wearing Ass in a Hot Tub, and a Shot of the Moon Dressed in Camo out Hunting with Kye. But yeah her ass looks just about like what I figured it would, She is HOT, but I've seen Better…JMO

    There is too many SNOWFLAKES in this World Nowadays. But I believe that Beautiful Women SHOULD Show off their Bodies IF they chose to, as they are Truly a TEMPLE. And what's the Odds that Swanstrom talked her & Kye into doing this ??? He's no Dummy and Knows how to use SOCIAL MEDIA Outlets to make that $$$. But hey, as the Old Addage goes, SEX SELLS !!!

    And PS….You're only kidding yourself, if you think you are Actually COMMUNICATING WITH LIZZY on her FansOnly Account, or ANY Hot Girl / Famous Person on there. Because I can promise you that someone else is doing all the Typing & Posting, Approved by Lizzy ETC. You MIGHT Get a Surprise Encounter with her at some point, but 99% of the time you're not, I'd say for Lizzy, it would be her Best Friend that Drew her Pills at the NPK Event the Night when shit hit the Fan.

  11. You have to get away from the click bait trend. The title was totally inaccurate and makes you and your channel seem fake. Be real, no bullshit titles cause you got me on it. I was disappointed in you cause I thought you had more integrity

  12. On another positive note. Go look at bobby Ducati interview on street racing podcast. He has inside info on the lizzy kye pat relationship

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