What Happened at TX2K? – THE B58 DIGEST

In this video we discuss the results of the B58 shootout event at TX2K


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  1. hi man, thanks for your videos which i just discovered. I'm french so sorry for my words. I have just acquired an M140i in stg 2 with a full akrapovic line and a sachs racing clutch. Only I don't like this clutch at all, I have the impression that it damages the dual-mass flywheel even though it is said to be compatible on the site. And those who have a manual like me are very rare especially in France. So which is the best option? do you know the resistance limit of the flywheel? and the gearbox? . My car develops 700nm and the clutch is given for 780 max so what about the rest if you can answer me?.

    Finally I would like to switch to the e85, the best being the hp supra pump? as well as a new map. I'm keeping the stock turbo for now. Thanks in advance man

  2. only thing to add is i asked anthony after the event if he was still on the pure850, he said the car is on an experimental turbo setup now but is still running the same times as the 850 when he was spraying.

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