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  1. Discovery confirms Chief was in the right by covering up what happened. Good luck to Shawn and the 405, but this is just another garbage crackhead Memphis show.

  2. Idk been seeing it was over chase is a race or something with the rules. If you remember the past season Chief said something about changing up America's list.

  3. I wonder why Chief was not on America's list last night, Shawn simply stated he was doing this anymore? What kind of crap is that? Big Chief is the 405, Shawn started the whole mess with the 405 when he wanted to put a distance between himself and Chief stating not spending enough time with family, blah blah blah. However, he is on the show more than ever. I think he was just jealous of Chief. The fans have not been told what if happening now with Big Chief and why he left the set, rumors he and Jackie got into it with Precious, personally I can't stand to even hear Precious from Memphis talk, much less want to see her race. Memphis had so many people trying to race those ragged out cars! and the chase is a race was created by them, because that is the only way they can win. (sometimes) I prefer Big Chief over the whole lot of them, he makes the show in my opinion, so I guess we shall see.

  4. If Chief had a problem with Precious I can see why that whole JJ group is nothing but loud and unsafe bunch. But I think he should have not quit the show. Chief was one of the key people that made the Street Outlaws brand but it wasnt until if I remember right season 2 before he had a car. But as the Race master no one is any better. But I think Chief and his program has been struggling some. Maybe he will get everything back together and come back.

  5. I believe the problem is chief wanted all of his races in and Memphis bought too many racers so that’s why him and precious got into it that’s my theory. But the Memphis had a Memphis curse I love seeing them lose!!!

  6. Chief and Jackie seemed to not be able to talk about what happened, and made it seem because they can't spoil the show by contract or something… But the show didn't even make it seem they were there… So can they talk about it now? Whole thing seems so weird. Normally Pilgrim loves the side drama. Why would they not cover this stuff?

  7. What Racemaster DOESN'T flag a race???? Limpy, Chief, JJ, Boosted & Juicy, even Boddie ALL flag.
    Then you got Mr. Lutz, who kept fumbling the light….WTF!!! They could've asked JJ to flag…. whatever

  8. I can almost guarantee that if JJ or even Boddie was promoted to Racemaster, it would've been smoother.
    Better yet, FIX the issue that upset Chief!!!! If this is what we're to expect….. this will be 1 less Outlaws show I'll be watching.

  9. Disappointed Chief wasn’t there especially hearing the rumors of Memphis etc meanwhile 405 don’t do Fastest in America but Memphis gets to do both, ain’t that some crap

  10. Sim, has anyone notice Shawn has been spending some serious cash this last year? He only had attended the 1 NPK race on the last NPK race season 3.
    He goes out and buys a toter rig to run NPK season 4.
    He bought new property and is building a new house with big shop. Then he rebuilds the OG car just in time for AL season 2. He is on the new build show.
    At the Chicago race he narrates part of the Chicago race.
    In the Hat race in Chicago he talks about the 405 racing more out of town races, getting back to them having fun and less list racing.
    Then Cheif walks off of set?
    Now he is the Race Master for 405 and says Cheif is no longer doing this on last nights show?
    I like Shawn and 187, but all this bs is making a guy think?
    TTVE! Looking sharp tonight!

  11. The question no one is asking.
    Why did Memphis have 5 cars in the race to get in. Why didn't the 405 have at least one or two more. Heck Memphis had a total of 9 cars running. Four in the show and five trying to get in. No else even came close to that.

  12. I believe they changed the origioal format on Chief. It was suppose to be top 20. They must have made decisions without him and set him off literally. The dispute made him walk on principle and he will sue based on that contractual issues. Princliple vs. Contract essentially. I think he is done with Pilgrim. He will be going his own way I believe. He said he fights harder when faced with fear, I'm sure we will see him build something new.

  13. They did Reaper wrong , I don't think Chief deserves to be ostracized either ! These people out there sucker punching and just being poor sportsman need to be the one's gone .

  14. Man fuck that show . Acting like chief didn’t exist to protect jj and his street whores . I mean they even re shot the end of the 405 show . Why does it appear he’s going to be on build show if he’s gone from all the other shows .

  15. I don't know how you can call this show fastest in America when someone like Chelsea , who looks terrified to get in her car , is even considered to be one of the top 25. hell, she's not 1 of the top 250. So to have her on the show and chief not makes it beyond silly. Dump all of J J's girls , bring chief along with the Larry Larson's and Robin Roberts and Justin swanstrums of the world and now youve got a show.

  16. Sim, Brian Britt blew up his big block set up. So he put his Nitrous motor back in the car to make America List.
    The big block twin turbos will be back in the car when his motor is done.
    It's on one his latest videos

  17. Key points (I am aware that there is an element of scripting in reality shows and I try to observe non-verbal communication)

    1. In season 10 of SOOKC, Shawn took his car off the list and Justin told him that he would be rewarded. Is SOAL the reward?

    2. Season 11, you saw how everyone was gunning for Justin in the race master's position and the other racers holding a meeting to discuss their discourse about Justin, Dave & Shawn. *Listen to Chuck as he speaks for other racers in the driver's meeting in which Justin asked him was he speaking on Ryan's behalf.

    3. Season 12, this is quite interesting. How the OKC racers handled themselves in California was very telling. Chuck didn't "spit on" anyone but CA crews were on notice (go back to the spitting incident – same crew). Ryan popping off at the mouth that Justin was "riding w/Cali". Ryan ain't new on the block and that accusation rubbed me the wrong way. However, Justin stated his thoughts and they worked out that situation. Also, Dave wasn't flagging OKC races. Wiley was the known neutral. The words that Justin used are "there's a guy at my shop" not our shop or the shop's name. Even when Shawn and Phantom were "working on" Shawn's car, it was staged. Shawn had already left Midwest Streetcars. The fans just didn't know they had gone their separate ways.

    4. Season 13, there were signs of strain with Dave is very noticeable. Monza complains that no one was helping him but Brandon. However, Dominator had no crew at all and they didn't show Monza helping him or anyone else. Listening to different one's share their discourse, the "team" was/is no more. *Again, Chuck is asking about Ryan's money now that they were getting rid of the list.

    5. Season 14. The very fact that Chuck said anything about leadership blew my mind. Was that his concern or was he speaking on behalf of the other racers? Underhanded shade being thrown, about Justin helping Lutz, Justin not "sharing" information with other racers. They basically boxed Justin out. Monza & Dominator stated discourse about not making it to the SOAL. The gotcha gotcha was at the very last episode when Justin told Lutz about Ryan's "deceiving" text message. That was a very palpable moment. Lutz response in his interview was "I get why he is mad, but that's street racing", I was like WOW! At the end when Ryan went over to Justin to see if the Crow could be fixed to race, there was this awkward moment. Ryan was talking about "don't want to take the win this way and if you need anything, let me know". Dead ass silence. Then Justin said, thanks man. That non-verbal communication said everything! Not mention, that last sprinkle of shade when they are at Ryan's shop and Shawn states "that even if he didn't get in (Race your way in), he would still be there".

    Conclusion: Street Outlaws OKC will never be as it was due to a variety of factors – Contracts, backstabbing, gossip/innuendo, sponsorship and egos. Let me sprinkle a little more gas on this fire – Y'all remember Gas Monkey Garage and the first mega race. Well, I have a suspicion that the owner of that said garage is a petty ass person and because he got his ass handed to him courtesy of Midwest Streetcars. Shit has been slipping and sliding every since that race. That would refer back to the contracts and egos. The podcast was awesome. They were serving heads and ass and it was funny as hell. Streeet Outlaaaaws! I don't think Shawn and Justin should do a podcast again. Too many losses. The spin-off shows don't fit the same mold as the original OKC show. The hustle doesn't belong in the race, do that shit on the sidelines. Otherwise, line them up and send it to determine the fastest.

  18. 3:10:45 They were like 20/30 Tops from Mexico Border. Fog can get very bad from there West North West Up From the Coastline All The Way Inland 75 miles up. And can Very Humid and Wet Everywhere!!

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  20. Hey brother I’ve never left a message before but you seem like a down to earth and very respect person so that’s why I watch all your shows. I have and insane fully hand built custom1968 coverable. It has a 632 with 871 blown w/ 2 -1000cc hand crafted holly carbs. Custom headers, an in sane turbo 400 transmission and a custom built moser shorten 9” rear with killer gears. Fully Crome Molly chassis. Custom wild hand built roll cage. Car runs low 6’s 1/4 mile. I don’t know how to send you pictures it took me 2 years to build and and so proud of it and thought you’d appreciate it. I hope you get to see this message like I said I’ve never done this. Maybe you can help me to send you pictures and a video it would be so cool I’d love to hear your thoughts. Your doing a killer job and giving your heart to your show. Keep up the great work your show is going to blow up just keep up the hard work.
    Thank big fan.

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