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  1. Sorry I couldn’t make the live feed tonight Simbassador but I’m here for the post edit! Driving from San Diego to Spokane and currently just outside of Lodi

  2. Bunch of phonies. Ryan saying the best cats were going. BS. He was only scared of Chief. They all turned their back on Justin. Chuck’s gonna end up 25th. Murder Nova did horrendous. The closing of this episode was worse than any Nola episode ever.

  3. I think i know why chief and precious got in a fight at americas list based off tonight’s episode i think that precious told chief why is he in charge of americas list if he isn’t even good enough to be in americas list

  4. Or another theory she yells at him saying he changed the rules making it where u can race your way in to benefit himself because he didn’t make the cut that actually sounds more reasonable

  5. Man I feel for chief! He had some shit luck at the end there no now we all know the bs that happened on americas list. I know he will be ok but I still feel for him.

  6. I like chief but this show has gotten boring.
    I liked fastest in america team format alot. If they could include the 405 in that show thats good ratings.

  7. Man they did Chief dirty at the end. I know none of us are there in real life and we only see what they show, but I truly don’t get how they could absolutely just screw him over like that. No one wanted Ryan on the list when he first came. Chief did. Chief tuned Shawn’s car when he was the one of the baddest cars on the planet. I know Lutz and Monza didn’t say anything and that Chuck and Dave are jerks in general. No one expects them to be anything else. SO has been a cash cow for Pilgrim. And for them to put that in and just crap all over Chief is pretty gross to watch.

  8. no offense to any of the other racers but Chief is the real deal and his talent in a race car is easy to see. Bad luck, sure but Ryan and daddy dave copying Axmans set up is a joke!!! I'm glad Chief isnt a sell out and actually put real work into making his car work by trial and error! Doesnt just use money to keep up with the big boys!! Its like some of these guys are having to buy their way in!

  9. Y’all are crazy with your chief and Ryan assumptions, discovery is filming the guys who are there, if chief isn’t somewhere then it’s cause he doesn’t want to be, the 405 guys are together cause they wanna be, chief and Jackie have there thing and the other guys have there’s at the end of the day chief is still racemaster of the 405 he doesn’t have to hang with them at all hours for that to be so

  10. Its pretty easy Chief did not make the top 5. I think he pushed the old Pontiac a little to far this season. Maybe its time to look at something different for a powerplant for the Crow. I think he needs to get his old motor back because I think it was stronger than one he ran during this filming. But I think there is also some other things going on with all of this, because why would they let Shawn race his way in with a record of 2 -10. Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of Murder Nova's but I would think Chief or Dom or anyone else could have that same chance to race their way in if they wanted to. I think the issues happened before this last filming in Detroit. Maybe we will find out and maybe we will never find out. But maybe Chief will comeback with something bigger, faster, and crush the list or maybe he won't and he walks away from all of this and does what he wants to do.

  11. I have been reading the comments and don't see anyone mentioning Chief and Monza both only have a total of 11 races while everyone else has 12. This would suggest Chief and Monza never did a re-run after their race where Dominator could not decide a clear winner on the video footage. That being said, should they have had done the re-race and Chief won, he would have been tied with Lutz on the wins. Everyone that's all over Shawn for getting to race his way in and the group excluding Chief in the meeting is not realising that the meeting at the en of Monday's show was filmed after America's List was filmed and Chief obviously was not apart of the meeting because of something that happened at the very beginning of America's List. Chief also had the opportunity to race his way in, just like Shawn, but for some reason they left the show. Chuck mentioned in a comment on one of his posts that he saw Chief the first night and he was supposed to race his way in, but never saw him afterwards again. The group did not purposely leave him out of anything. However I can't comment on what exactly happened at America's List, hopefully we will be able to see it on next week show, but I almost want to bet money that they won't say anything based on the intro to America's List on Monday's episode.

  12. Regarding water and oil, there's 2 ways I remember it.

    1. When it starts raining or just constant light rain, the oil on the road rises to the surface and makes the road way more slippery. If it's been raining heavy, the oil has a chance to wash off to the side due to the camber of the road. Wet roads are still dangerous, but don't under-estimate light rain.
    2. Never throw water on an oil fire, since the water goes to the bottom and the oil continues to burn (and possibly flies everywhere). Cover it with a metal or glass tray/lid to starve it of oxygen.

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