Watching The New Episode Of The 405 Street Outlaws and Mega Cash Days!


Thanks for watching!!! New video tomorrow!!! All my videos go live at 6:00 pm CST!!!

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  1. I feel the "daily driver" needs more rules around what makes the car a legit "daily driver", and not a racecar dressed up with an interior – like minimum weekly mileages, must be driven to the race, and home, no fuel refilling, maybe even a "parc ferme" rule where no changes – for example, no tuning – can be made to any cars during the race without racemaster approval (for simple repairs only possibly). I wonder if that'd eliminate a few of these vehicles…

  2. Sim I know I'm a little late on the comment, but your car should be doing burn outs for as long as you mash the gas. Should be nothing but smoke. Especially with a hard tire.

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