Watching The New Episode Of Street Outlaws MEGA CASH DAYS!!!


Thanks for watching!!! New stream next Monday!!! All my videos go live at 6:00 pm CST!!!

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  1. Watching how much fun everyone is having with the daily race got me thinking about ways to make it fun and affordable again. Back in the 90's "no electronics" and "footbrake" races were very popular. I'm a week ahead on the mega cash days and you will here Jj talk about actually driving the car next week, not using traction control. It would be harder now as the ECUs for efi, turbo, ignition all have a it of the ability to cut back power but at least run a race with no trans brake, 2 step, traction control, timbers, etc…. make the driver/tuner more relevant and lose the $10,000 traction controls.

  2. I found myself watching YouTube on my phone for the first hour, until the Mega Cash Days came on. The 405 daily was boring as heck. Glad I had plenty of battery life.

  3. Big chief said forget the 405 top 10 list we’re going to make it America’s top 20 list and it’s going to be the fastest of the fastest if you want to be on that list you better have your shit together

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