Virginia NPK Recap

Updating you guys on our runs at VMP this past weekend.


  1. You are going to get it right here soon I know it’s not my money and it’s easy for me to say I would keep going until I get it right or go broke. I have been watching all the big tire outlaw stuff just to see you run. I am pull for you and the team every week so good luck and stay safe and take the time to tell Stacy how great of a partner she is I think she keeps you going.

  2. New subscriber, you had me at “it makes my nipples hard”. Where else are you going to get that content, you’re never going to hear Jeff Lutz or Ryan Martin talking about their nipples.

  3. maybe you could get some help from Jeff Lutz as he still runs a turbo set up and was doing well last season , or swallow some pride and go around to Midwest Street Cars for some help to make a good full pass . it would be great to see you running well with the main people

  4. I would love to have a good motor home that would pull a little smaller trailer with my daily driver truck and my motorcycle and a deasl on board generator and Enough solar panels and system to run everything with out pluging in because I’m ready to get out of Indiana and see America and enjoy life being disabled and broke and stuck at a rental house is not living when you don’t have any money after your rent utilities and food are paid it’s making me sick because it’s just wrong because the dam democrats are fucking poor people over and its nothing to do with color or racial its all about money and power and anyone who has a little bit of brains knows that is the truth.

  5. I thought for sure Reaper said him and his brother built his car to race at NPK….I would like some to fact check Reaper's video……lol….😂😅

  6. Sucks the screw that probably fell out of the crappy designed wheelwell is probably in the tire. I hate rv's. There nothing but rolling piles of junk. I feel for yall dealing with that along with all the traveling stuff like that only makes the trip that much longer.

  7. Hell least I got a shirt this year didn’t get to meet you got to meet your nice wife got to see your car but you were too busy I guess maybe next year!!!

  8. Idgaf what anyone says , hate all the fck you want but James is real AF and a true racer busting his ass against these million dollar teams and you Mrs. Stacy , you are awesome

  9. By the way James , your looking sooooo much fckn better , you seem like a different man , looking good , feelin good , good job brother !!!

  10. Was thinking this might be a retirement video for reaper…glad it’s not bc he deserves to struggle. Couldn’t happen to a better guy….

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