UPDATE on TRICIA WAYNE 2/12/2022 Memphis Street Outlaws JJ da Boss after accident America's List

We had a great visit with Tricia at the armdrop on 2/12/2022 at State Capital Raceway in Louisiana. She is an amazing person and we thank her for taking the time for us and the other fans.


  1. I hope you recover soon and everything heals perfect your a very strong woman and a great role model for young girls . I'll pray for you 🙏

  2. She’s had a couple of bad wrecks and it’s time for her to start thinking about her kids and stay out of these no prep cars, she using up a lot of second chances.

  3. Tricia, you are a special lady, a good mom, a role model to many young ladies, I've watched you barrel roll twice now. The first one with on board camera, wow your legs almost wrapped around the steering column… okay here's the honest shit, I can't bare the thought of losing such a wonderful person, that would just suck… please think hard about your future choices. love you girl!

  4. Love you “Tricia “ your amazing you’ wil be back in “ heffer kicking some ass wish u nothing but best 💚🙏🏾godbless u andbghevmmmnnnmmnjj rd CC CB C m mmmvbv Tc m gun my t rest

  5. NO DOUBT she'll be back kicking ass ASAP xx strong woman you guys make my day when I see you all joking around waiting for next series with great anticipation x stay strong guys and girls

  6. Tricia💖☮️You are an inspiration to us all! Take your time! Heal well! Don’t push yourself SISTA 🙏 you will be ROCKIN N ROLLIN SOON💫✨The Boss will take good care of you boo! Rock on GIRKLFRIEND ✌️😎🤙☮️

  7. I honestly stopped liking JJ's crew after I think the 4th episode when they were playing stupid games with the kid trying to call them out. They acted like that high school crew that no one really likes and they are only popular cuz they stick together, all being cousins or something and its impossible to talk over them because of skinny, squirl faced chicks always raving.

  8. That girl is amazing, from what I have seen over the past few years watching Memphis Street outlaws Tricia has to be one of the best female street race drivers if not the best I've ever seen and to come back from something like what she went through it is amazing good luck to you Tricia and your family. God bless you.

  9. It is great to see her out there with JJ. They are setting the bar high on commitment to one another as husband and wife. God bless them always 🙏🏼

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