Unsuspecting Garage Hiding Over 5,000 HP (1320Garages | Ep. 4)

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Justin Keith is one familiar face in the race car scene, as a Co-Owner of Street Car Takeover, he’s become well recognized for his 5 star events and his record breaking ZL1 Camaro. This time we’re far from a racetrack and on his home turf in Missouri checking out his extensive car collection.

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  1. His face every time he’s about to gun in in the camaro 😂😂 “😬” teeth clenched. That’s a powerful sombitch

  2. Broooo to be going 70mph and still smoke the tires is next level horsepower lol that’s fuckin insanity forreal people don’t even understand

  3. His face when he floors that 6th Gen is priceless hahahaha MERICA baby!! I love seeing this guy around Kansas City he is a cool guy with some nasty cars!

  4. I can't help but wonder if this guy makes all his money from Street car takeaway events? I know he has a shop but he was loaded before getting that shop. Not jealous, just curious, I've followed him for years and never heard him speak of any other company he might own. He's always been very humble and kind to people so good for him!

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