Why we swapped engines in Houston… Brainerd win & driving 18 hours home to maintenance the car

We won NPK Brainerd, slept a few hours, and drove 18 hours straight home to get some work done on the car before having to be in Houston a few days after. We swapped engines, before we swapped engines back in Houston lol. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Channel! Find me on social media also!
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Video edit by Jeff Killingsworth


  1. Best wishes from here in central Texas..
    I sure like that hat… that's the best looking cap hands down than any hat I've ever seen, I'd wear it every day

  2. I’ve watched and kept up with you ever since you debuted on TV against the 405 and you put a hurting on the ole Crow. Just wanted to say it’s good to see how far and well you have done . I’m proud for you that and Scott were able to bring the whole Nola team together as a family. Not gonna lie . It makes for better watching when I see a team that acts like a United Family Unit !!
    Good luck with this new season at NPK!!

  3. I watch the spialistS, wonder even more why as I was clocking his brand new car(1971 pontic lemans t37) not a single mod. except he tuned up his family car and mom grocrery ca but come Sunday no mods just tuning a nd ran at 162mph 1/4 mile. No turbos no nitrious no stick ALL MOTOR BABY, AFTER HE TRADED 10YRS LATER OUR FRIENDBOUGHT HIS CAR AND RACES FOR5 YRS ON MOTER ONLY AND WON 3 CHAMPIONSHIPS,!!

  4. Ive watched videos, seen photos, what drives that distributer? I figured it has to be a belt but ive yet to ever see a pic with one on it.

  5. You actually work on your own car, instead of hanging out at the starting line with pom poms and having someone do everything for you. Imagine that. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚.
    Keep doing what you do. πŸ’―.
    That was a very fast engine swap for sure.

  6. Did great in Houston even with the hiccups.. awesome seeing the car up close.. made me want to learn how it all works and learn how to tune it (also it made my husband want a race car) stay safe when yall go back on the road! stay awesome! we will cheer for you, Lizzy, and Scott from Louisiana!!

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