What Are The Most American Made Cars & Trucks?

In this video we take a look at which car is literally the most American, by comparing which cars have the highest percentage of American-sourced parts. The results may surprise you…

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  1. I have a chevy silverado 1994 with 411910 actual miles on the original engine and transmission. It still gets 18 to 20 miles in the city and 21 to 23 on the hot. I used in my lawn care business and I love it. Chevy trucks are not made like this anymore, it's all about luxury versus work. If I get another truck it would be the GMC Sierra or Toyota Tundra. Nothing rides like a Chevy.

  2. If you are including Canadian components in the percentage that you count towards being American, you are “literally:” NOT taking a look at which cars have the highest percentage of American-sourced parts. Your headline and description is a baldfaced lie.

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