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  1. I recorded it and tried to watch. I made it to Jjs hollering and deleted it about 10 minutes in. I’ve had enough and not watching anything he’s on. When they start actually racing where I can FF and just watch the cars, I might try again.

  2. I think Chief said he was still intending to do Endgame in his video about leaving AL, but then said he was out in a follow-up video. Around the same time on Shawn's channel, it sounded like he had been called up to replace Chief.

  3. Between JJ running his mouth and Kye lying his ass off in his interview segment, that’s about all of this show I can handle. Pilgrim comes up with a concept like this and of course Shawn and co. Are gonna jump on that money train . They ALL still have their ears to the street and they damn well know most of the energy Is in small tire racing so, instead of telling those guys to build small tire street cars, they all seem to be building their “ dream cars” WTF? The way this show is ran is reminding more and more of American Chopper or any of the other “ automotive “ shows they have produced and had already ran their course. You can’t rely on the same 4 or 5 characters to totally support a show especially one that’s been around in some form or fashion for a decade.Imo THIS is why the actually NEED someone like Chief who still knows what’s really going on in the real streets. I feel certain his ideas would be FAR better than Sam Korkis or Polgian . Bring in new drivers from the platform that’s red hot right now ! Create some new rivalries with the OG’s.

  4. Hopefully the second episode is better. This whole opening episode was too drawn out with them showing flashbacks of each guy like everyone watching is new and doesn’t know who these guys are…. Bleh lol

  5. I couldn't even make it past the first 10 minutes of the show without having to turn it off especially when Discovery Channel declared JJ as the street racing pioneer when they know damn good and well it was Big Chief who was the street racing pioneer Discovery can kiss my ass

  6. First time I haven't been upset about a show not being on discovery plus on premier date. Seems like I didn't miss much besides a bunch of fast forwarding parts for me.

  7. i think it’s garbage that they’re advertising the show on discovery + and it’s actually on go! whats up with the crap

  8. JJ has no room to talk about 405 not being good racers or however he worded it. JJ and the MSO are by far the fakest drag racers on earth no matter what. They are the Only people that wants to cheat and jump in racing. That proves without a doubt that JJ and MSO are nothing but fake racers that knows for a fact they can’t win without cheating. Real racers don’t need to and don’t want to cheat. And yes jumping is cheating no matter what any liar claims and everything else also says so like NASCAR and NPK and Olympics and so on and so on.

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