Up Close With Larry Larson, Pat Musi — Why Is Street Outlaws So HOT?

REVan Evan and Abe Tango head to West Palm Beach to check out the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings and interview the legendary Pat Musi and Larry Larson. Plus, we take a close look at Larry’s 4,000 Caddy.


  1. These guys don't have multi million dollar teams and rigs, hid away in some enormous facility (or museum) under a corporate banner for a tax write-off.. Then helicopter in on race day, just to drive their golden chariot.
    There obviously is million dollar cars now . But it didn't start that way, and still isn't for a lot of grease monkeys, at home, wrenching away on their weekend racer. They work out of small or large garages , and are glad to share their knowledge on social media.

  2. With a bunch of $500,000 semi car haulers, cars well in excess of $100K to build (or have someone do it for you) and parts/crew, etc, how do these drivers make the money? Is it a share of the gate, tv payments, or ?

  3. Things I don't like about Street outlaws . Christmas tree , no timing clocks activated so fans can see how fast or how slow . I know the reason behind it . But it's not a good reason . People want to know how fast the car is . Then there's the politics . Then there's people like Chuck there's just nothing good about him . Then there's chief . They had some good points . But the bad overwhelms the good . Match racing will always be popular . Why Lizzie Musi is racing in this series is beyond me . The career is too short to throw away . This series spawned guys like JJ the boss . Who is trash on steroids . Clean you act up you might have something .

  4. That’s all $15k in my day races like this payed $100k first place, and I don’t get why they don’t run build sticker or put the name of the car on the car, I dunno about this NPK but in NHRA you get contingency money for every build sticker on the car say you won the winter Nat’s you get a few thousand per sticker sometimes the contingency money can be more than the purse your winning, no way I would build a $300k race car to race for nickels, dimes and penny’s I like racing for 100 dollar bills lots of em bracket racing is actually where the real money is when I was a bracket racer it was nothing to win $12K a week but my car back then only had about 10 grand in it in total plus the free parts from sponsors

  5. I liked the interview with Pat Musi. He referenced the old days with Tony Christianson. Tony was one those guys you liked him but you hated him.

  6. You are correct that scraping the glue off the track is technically “prepping”, but they are doing it to simulate a street which would be an unprepped surface. Better to “unprep” a track so everyone can race legally and have paid first responders and track maintenance crews on-site in case there are injuries or oil downs. I am personally glad this type of drag racing exists today. It’s like the good ole days.

  7. The reason people like it is because they don't have to listen to sponsor plugs. All modern sports is like a huge commercial. I think they should have gone one step further and gotten rid of onboard computers. Make the tuners and setup guys earn their money.

  8. Thank you REVan,, new sub and for sure a click on the like and comments. You've talked with some of the legends of the sport and that's cool as heck. NPK is indeed what the sport needed to bring drag racing to more people and create an even bigger fan base..

  9. "Street Racing" (As these racers incorrectly call themselves) would be a lot more enjoyable if the drivers could actually be honest about the cars.

  10. Fast cars is what America was built on okay Street Outlaws are still not because even if you don't have the money to build and race a car you have the money to watch them race a car in America was built on horsepower need I say more

  11. This is all S. A. D. — seems a bit off attitude from various Tracks across USA.
    There are law enforcement agencies here involved in active assassination attempts on First Lady. This involves Govoners Office.

  12. Let me understand.. spend 4 or 5 hundred thousand dollars with 4000 HP and on risk it on a slick track for a few bucks.? I like heads up racing for sure but on a safe prepped surface..or am I misinformed?

  13. NPK Is definitely a shot in the arm for a "Run What Ya Brung" Drag Racing series that brings new engine performance technology and excitement back into Drag Racing.

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