The UFO faster then EVER!! We Test for Darlington no prep $20k RACE!!

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STEP 1 subscribe to the channel

STEP 2 TURN YOUR YOUTUBE SUBSCRIPTION STATUS TO PUBLIC (If you don’t do this you will not be on the list of subscribers entered to win the $1000)

STEP 3 share the video

STEP 4 when we get to 1000 SUBSCRIBERS we will do a live video on YouTube using to give away $1000 on PayPal ,cash app or whatever you want it sent on. Make sure you HIT SUBSCRIBE AND MAKE SURE YOUR STATUS IS PUBLUC.

We test the s10 and get ready to go race at motion race works spoold media palemetto no prep back of the track darlington dragway


  1. Good Luck looking forward to seeing the results. That’s always been our theory down here in New Mexico we test on the shittiest chip seal roads. And when we go to a decent road or a no prep it’s like a cake walk for us.

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