The Original Fastest Street Car !

Went and did some testing with @Tom Bailey At Milan today.
This is The Original Fastest Street Car, Slowing it down for street racing at Road Kill !


  1. What ever happened to Larry Larson. I know he’s still building cars, but why did he stop doing drag and drives? Did he run off like a spoiled child when he got real competition, or did he get bored with it all or did he simply tire of it?

  2. I see Alex Taylor has all kinds of racing stuff on the side of her car but I don't think she's ever raced anything but a clock has she? Just does those drag week thing's that I know of.

  3. I don't know man, I love this channel and watch every episode, but the scrolling back & forth on this screen back to that screen gets pretty tedious. I believe people that subscribe to this channel have a pretty "good idea" how shit works. If they don't then they're definitely not going to get it from a YT video. Once again thanks for sharing your knowledge. 👍

  4. steve good to see ya working on 1.0 once again for tom ,,, and great ta here you and clark are going to go do the half mile stuff ,,, is clark driving the black camaro in the event ?? do tell on that if ya would ,,, Tony

  5. SM engaged!!!! That is a non-SMX engine!! A very GREAT one!! Kinda similar to Cleeter in ability!! Cleetus needs to get some big tires so he can lay down some SM engine love!! His small tire can't hold all the torque. Have KSR put some biggins on Mullet and then he can finally turn it up for once. 🙂 His current setup is about a 6.9 on a good day. He needs to move up to the next level which he is ready for. Only thing he is missing is more rubber on the road. His car should have about a 6.9 to 6.5 average with more traction.

    Leaving in 2nd gear is not a good idea. IMHO. Should be able to launch hard in 1st. Even Sick 1.0 has struggles holding all the power on a big tire. 2000+ torque is a LOT. About 1+ US TON of twisting force!!! It's liking swinging a small car!! 3000+ is like swinging a modern Ford GT super car!

  6. Sorry, the click bait '1st fastest car in America' goes to Larry Larsen and his '66 Nova. Have YOU won 5 championships in a row? Don't overstate yourself- it's not very becoming…….just sayin'

  7. When Tom showed up with a ProMod body he lost a lot of his fans. This was the last time we saw the original Baily car so, get a look.
    I hope he saved the old body.

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